Tara Stiles does yoga, for American Apparel.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Aug 8, 2009
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Yoga star and elephriend Tara Stiles in American Apparel‘s new, Made in USA yoga line. No deets yet on organic or what, but here’s her first ad, just up on AA’s site—and hopefully on this site, soon. I love AA—making doing it right (progressive, Made in USA) look sexy—and elephant loves Tara, who is as sweet as she is savvy, as grounded as she is ambitious, as lovely as she is tasteful (which is key when it comes to AA’s notoriously provocative ads).

Seventh in a series of This is what Effective Advertising Looks Like.”

"tara stiles" yoga "american apparel" ad

Click below to learn more about why AA is one of my favorite companies doing big good while doing well—along with Patagonia, Newman’s Own, TOMS, Pangea, Whole Foods, prAna:

american apparel gay immigration organic

Bonus, a few more recent AA ads that remind us why we like ’em. They got guts. They got something to say. They’re vivid, simple, and not a waste of my eyeballs’ time:

american apparel ad jobs usa

american apparel made in USA ad

legalize gay

"american apparel" made in usa ad


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14 Responses to “Tara Stiles does yoga, for American Apparel.”

  1. ebean says:

    That first pic is hilarious!

    At the shoot:

    "Now Tara, can you stick your butt out just a little bit more? Think knees-chest-chin bootie."

    "Am I doing it?"

    "Yeah, that's it…"

    American Apparel rocks, but beware their yoga pants. They may have new ones out, but in the past, they were made quite thin, exposing privates at a studio near you…

  2. Gulpster says:

    My Sweet Lord what an ass

  3. …talking about Tara, or yourself?

  4. Andy says:

    Tara, but that can be applied to me in general, yes. 🙂

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  6. Via Facebook:
    Chantal hate how AA portrays women. Sad to see a yogi make such a choice.

    Robert G: That does kinda look like porn.

    Karen Murphyi completely agree — what to do? how good is their apparel? This view of it leaves me completely disinclined to buy anything they produce…. (american-made and/or true yogi model — or no….)
    Tue at 10:41pm · Delete · Report

    Jon K M: American Apparel is awful in some ways, but I would imagine a lot of yoga clothing isn't produced with union labor. Life is a series of compromises. Even if I made all my own clothing I'd worry about the textile mills and the factories that build the sewing machines, the miners for the raw materials, and the water and energy used. Exploitation sucks, but there's an ever-increasing series of problems if you make it your choice to find the "good" companies and decisions. Which isn't to say that those ads are okay, or even that AA is a good company. I boycott some companies and give some a pass, but realize that seeking purity in things is rather fruitless.

    Chantal B: Absolutely and AA is one company I have boycotted for years and will continue to do so. I am raising young girls right here right now in North America.This is our back yard and we can do something about it just by our consumer choices. Furthermore, on this one there are alternatives…http://www.yogo.ca and many more.
    Yesterday at 7:28am · Delete · Report

    elephantjournal.comI disagree with most of this, funny that we all prioritize image over substance.

    AA may be edgy in its ads–and yes you're right sometimes unhealthfully so, which is regrettable–and Dov, their CEO may be half-crazy, but at least he seems open about it.

    In any case what I care about most is they walk their talk as a company far more than 99% of others. Check comments on our blog, link above. I'm not saying this 'cause they advertise, they've never given ele a buck.


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  11. Gen says:

    American apparel has sexist leadership. Their ads are disgusting and promote an unhealthy body image and over sexualization. The quality if their clothes is sub par. Leadership needs to figure out how to run this business better. I find it confusing that a mindful person would support them. There are some good things, but many bad.