Organic is better than Local! I think!

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on Sep 17, 2009
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A Whole Foods dilemma: Local vs. Organic. Which has the lower carbon footprint? Which one is “karmically” more responsible?

It may sound like a silly liberal cliche of a question, but when you’re trying to walk the talk of personal responsibility for your actions, I don’t see how that’s any less Republican than it is Democratic.

local vs. organic food produce whole foods

We love it when local and organic values are aligned. But often, it’s the cantaloupe from halfway across the US that’s grown in a manner that doesn’t pollute and poison the planet…but then it’s transported over hill and dale and mountain and a few more hills and dales. Or, it’s the local one, just a few hours drive away (or, sometimes, a few states away)…but it’s grown using pesticides, a fancy word for “poison,” which is itself a word meaning “against life.”

local vs. organic food produce whole foods

I bought the organic one from halfway across our fragile blue planet. I figure GMOs are forever, and need only to win one farmfield before infecting the future of food.


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11 Responses to “Organic is better than Local! I think!”

  1. joshua says:

    buy the OG ones and eventually the locals will go Organic, generally in a true capitalistic culture one tends to follow the dollars….but what the hell do I know….Joshua

  2. Kevin says:

    That's a tough call because it always depends whom you ask and what type of food it is.

    Not to brag but lucky for me all the food I eat is locally grown (no more than a few hour drive from where I live) AND organic…welcome to the diversely mountainous paradise of Colombia 🙂

  3. Meaghan says:

    Well, I had a hard time buying an organic apple from NEW ZEALAND, when I live in Southeastern, CT. At the time, it was that or buy apples that were not organic but from a state away. I chose to buy local. I guess one could argue…go to the apple farm down the road…damnit!!! Point taken, but when food has to travel that far…that is long way to go and a lot of gas to get there. Some places even spray with pesticides before travel…so who knows what you may be getting. There is something to be said from knowing your farmer. I prefer to organic, but when push comes to shove I will buy locally non-organic, if my other option is to buy form another continent.

  4. support these guys and have the best of both worlds

    also consider that 'freedom of choice' is not a real freedom when it impacts our 'freedom to live'

    if something won't grow locally, maybe it's simply better not to eat it ….

    buy clean, local produce – 'certified organic' is not necessarily better than local – unless the local is GMO or grown using herbicides and pesticides

  5. mfr says:

    Othing to keep in mind is that smaller local farms often follow organic (or better) farming practices, but don't have the resources to jump through the hoops necessary to become "officially" labeled organic.

  6. right: it's an issue in eco-responsible communities whether organic bananas are truly sustainable for we Americans…seems no.

  7. Joshua…of Pangea-wearing-natty-vest-and-tie-with-tie-clip-Joshua? Good to see you earlier. Come party tonite.

  8. joshua says:

    natty? its D&G baby….

  9. Ariana says:

    Good point indeed!

  10. Ariana Saraha says:

    Local AND organic??