September 17, 2009

Organic is better than Local! I think!

A Whole Foods dilemma: Local vs. Organic. Which has the lower carbon footprint? Which one is “karmically” more responsible?

It may sound like a silly liberal cliche of a question, but when you’re trying to walk the talk of personal responsibility for your actions, I don’t see how that’s any less Republican than it is Democratic.

We love it when local and organic values are aligned. But often, it’s the cantaloupe from halfway across the US that’s grown in a manner that doesn’t pollute and poison the planet…but then it’s transported over hill and dale and mountain and a few more hills and dales. Or, it’s the local one, just a few hours drive away (or, sometimes, a few states away)…but it’s grown using pesticides, a fancy word for “poison,” which is itself a word meaning “against life.”

I bought the organic one from halfway across our fragile blue planet. I figure GMOs are forever, and need only to win one farmfield before infecting the future of food.

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Read 11 comments and reply

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