September 20, 2009

Can’t get yourself to do your dishes? Solution: Bad Music.

The other night, my girlbuddy and I were tackling…aghh…dishes. I’m no good at doing dishes. So we started playing bad music, and got silly and goofy, and before you knew it, we’d “uplifted” my lovely but cluttered, disgustingly dirty kitchen. The dralas returned, and all was well.

And it was all thanks to my ’80s playlist, with a few other random bad songs mixed in.

What are your favorite dish-doing songs? Or do you prefer to sing yourself, as our friend Peggy Markel ably captured in this here video?

What gets you to clean your act up? Here’s mine:

or, a better version:

I remember watching this one with my mom back in the day:

Love the hair, the guys got bigger perms than the ladies, and this is the 80s, so the ladies’ hair ain’t exactly shy:

An all-time dish doing favorite, no idea why:

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Read 1 comment and reply

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