Colorado Daily gets hot tip from @elephantjournal on twitter, makes Mall Crawl cover story, fails to credit.

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on Sep 23, 2009
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New Media is Old-Fashioned; has manners.

When we write an article inspired by a story on other papers or blogs, we do things like link, and say “with thanks for the tip to such-and-such.” New media is so old-fashioned that way: we have manners. mall crawlpicture-711

When the Colorado Daily, yesterday, was tipped off the the rebirth of Boulder infamous, rowdy Halloween Mall Crawl by this here post of ours, they emailed us, we took the time to call back and talk with them, give ’em the numbers of the superstar instigators Jonathan and Ryan, good gents both…they then published the story without any thanks or attribution.

We were genuinely happy they made it a story: it should be a great time and a fun event, that we’ll all work to keep safe and manageable this year.

But where’s the love? Why no acknowledgement of our role in breaking the story, thanks to Jonathan and Ryan, the co-troublemakers?

Moral of the story: Colorado Daily is Mean? Doesn’t play nice? We’re gonna stop playing ball with them on future stories? Or the writer was busy, on a deadline, and just didn’t get to it, and it’s water under the bridge? We’ll go with the latter, this time.


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3 Responses to “Colorado Daily gets hot tip from @elephantjournal on twitter, makes Mall Crawl cover story, fails to credit.”

  1. Jeffrey says:

    I had a similar thing happen to me back in march. I get a phone call from a local news station wanting to get some info about Earth Hour. After chatting for a few minutes, they say, "hey, can you come meet us and do an interview on camera?". Uhhhh, sure!

    I drive 15 miles into downtown Nashville (which was one of the Earth Hour flagship cities) and do the interview. What do they do? Cut my interview down to a 3 second sound bite, spell my name wrong, and get the name of my website wrong.

    Lo and behold, every bit of info i gave in the interview came out of the reporter's mouth in his story. Gee, I wonder where he learned all of that. FAIL.

    I had the last laugh in the end…since I was the ONLY member of the media to get an exclusive interview with Nashville's Mayor during earth hour. WIN.

  2. […] It might be silly, and fun, and wholesome—little more than a bodily expression of WOOOHOOOO!—but the Boulder Police* plan to silence this uniquely exuberant expression of, well, freedom. *who previously have served our friends with a warning—at their house, no less—about their attempted revival of the Mall Crawl, a story we broke, and that a journalist at the Colorado Daily and then The Daily Camera (owned by same company) borrowed without nary a thank you or credit or source citation. […]