Dr. Shirin Ebadi comes to Naropa University this weekend. Videos.

Via Michael Levin
on Sep 28, 2009
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Scales of Justice
Scales of Justice

Thoughts on Justice: Dr. Michael Sandel, Dr. Shirin Ebadi.

It’s thrilling to hear that Nobel laureate Dr. Shirin Ebadi will be speaking at Naropa University (videos at bottom). To see her in Boulder, see Naropa University’s advertisement re her appearance, at left. It’s an exciting honor to have her here! ~ ed.


Coincidentally, Harvard University just announced that their hugely popular class, Justice, led by Michael Sandel, will now be available online. So, what will be discussed?

Here’s a sample of a question discussed in Dr Michael Sandel’s Justice class: “Should the government have the power to legislate morality, with laws against prostitution, same-sex marriage and homosexuality? Or do each of us have the right to do whatever we want with the things we own, provided we respect other people’s rights to do the same?”

According to a recent New York Times article, Dr. Sandel taught several people who later became writers of Fox’s “Simpsons”. In fact, Simpsons character Montgomery Burns may have been modeled after Dr. Sandel.

Today is the Jewish holiday Yom Kippor . Yom Kippor is the Jewish day to reflect on past errors of judgement and plan a brighter future. It’s all about choices, isn’t it?


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