Dharma Mittra on Yoga Kriyas: Vegetarian, Vegan is Important. {Yoga Journal Conference Estes Park 2009}

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on Sep 25, 2009
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If you’re a yogi, do you have to be Vegetarian or Vegan?

Dharma Mittra: “Yes.”

“You must take compassion more seriously,” this kind old famous yoga teacher said yesterday. He doesn’t eat cows or chickens, or fish, or eggs (“they’re embryos,” he reminded us).

What follows is the best I can make out from my iPhone notes:

Compassion goes beyond pets. It’s a sin to eat animals. Why? Because the ability to put oneself in other’s place is the path to enlightenment.

Then Dharma Mittra went through how to cleanse oneself. Brace yourself:

Take one gallon of room temperature water and add salt to it…1 tablespoon per quart. Pray. Set intention. Drink one cup quickly, twist while standing, do updog twists, squatting twists, another cup, then do repeat twists, repeat whole process three times. 35 minutes you’ll have explosive diarrhea. Then repeat for a 4th time, lie down rest, then make lentil soup.

My notes aren’t very good. Look up and research before doing. I think you were supposed to expel poo a few times until entirely clear. It’s like an enema, only goes through just about your whole body, and is free!

Then, fast for three days, eat only watermelon, including seeds which help clean out nooks and crannies in your body. Do in the morning on an empty stomach.

When you eat meat, you make your stomach a graveyard.

Buddha says that all life likes to live, wants family, children, to procreate just like us. We think we are so civilized? Then why are we eating our brothers and sisters?

To be continued…off to yoga class with Aadil Palkhivala.


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11 Responses to “Dharma Mittra on Yoga Kriyas: Vegetarian, Vegan is Important. {Yoga Journal Conference Estes Park 2009}”

  1. swati jr* says:

    though karma is most certainly accrued no matter our actions, and though the spiritual brahmin caste has never eaten animal flesh, for the most part Western physiologies are vastly different from these ancient vegetarian lines.

    charak samhita does not delineate between spiritual seekers eating flesh or not, however, it does give specific guidelines about what and when to eat it, how to keep vibrational channels open and minimize toxins accruing so no matter the goal of the life, it can be achieved.

    i agree that a vegan diet is most ideal from a surface level ahimsic viewpoint, i also give praise to those who address the greater need of it in our modern society, however, nothing in this world is linear, black/white, or as easy as right/wrong. nothing.

    the minute yogis take on this misinterpretation of universal law, is the minute yogis forget the very goal with which we seek- liberation & full realization. sometimes animal flesh is necessary for spiritual development in a human body. deal with it.

  2. Lita says:

    Thanks Waylon… i love being vegan, but there are always exceptions to the rule— if i start passing out in yoga class i might try a little cheese or fish on a very rare basis. Specailly cause its way colder here than where the yoga ideas evovled… i think most people just eat these things way too much!

    What you're opinion about colonic irrigation? =)~ i have heard tell that some of these yogi pracitces may also be metaphorical . . .

  3. Kyle Jackson says:

    Dharma Mittra may wish to learn more about eggs prior to making idiotic comments.
    Eggs are not embryos. They are unfertilized.
    Get informed, yogi.

  4. Could be my bad notes. Perhaps his point is that, if we weren't raising them for eggs, they might become life?

  5. jolinda Van Haren says:

    mmm, My Greatgrandparents raised chickens and I was allowed to gather the eggs from the nests. If the eggs were fertilized the hens would sit on them and peck my hand if I tried to remove it(I learned to leave these alone) but unfertilized eggs were left in the nests without care. I don't eat fish,chicken or meat but I've always thought that it was alright to eat unfertilized eggs. Am I wrong here?

  6. Cody says:

    eggs are the chickens’ period……And FYI vegans don’t eat animal products, regardless of if they may help with fatigue. There are numerous cruely-free options available. I believe an underlying concept here is to get over yourself and think of other beings.

  7. peter_heppner says:

    I don't think Dharma Mittra left this issue open to different interpretations, If you consider yourself a yogi or an aspiring yogi, you should either be a vegetarian or trying to be a vegetarian, (or even better a vegan) not trying to make excuses about why you are not. Your physical health is not as important as another life.

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  9. Kevin says:

    An unfertilized egg is not a life.

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