September 29, 2009

elephantjournal.com Review: Wish Garden Herbs Menstrual Help.

We have been experiencing a revival of herbal medicine, in this country, starting as far back as the 1970’s, both as an alternative to pharmaceuticals as well as in an effort to live more sustainable. Today, with health care reform in the fore front, prevention and ‘quality of life’ are standards that Americans can not only agree upon, but are more committed to than ever. Herbs play a big role in upholding these new standards and as we develop our understanding and education, we’re finding they fulfill a broad health care niche.

Treating the common cold has been the #1 driving force for people making the switch from over-the-counter drugs to herbal remedies. Considering modern medicine still has no cure, people are willing to try something more natural, without side-effects, that has the potential to cut the duration of a cold in half or better yet, prevent it from coming at all. Repeat sales of herbal remedies is proof that their popularity is more than just wishful thinking.

The fact is, herbs are extremely effective healers. Beyond cold prevention, we can start to explore the many facets of herbal medicine. From culinary spices to acute remedies, herbs are multifaceted allies. Take symptom relief, for example. Common complaints such as headaches, heartburn, overwhelm, and sleeplessness, do not necessarily require a prescription. There are a myriad of herbal choices that are safe and effective that could stand to be our first choice, instead of our last resort.

Once we experience our first “miracle” cure, that’s what it feels like when we nip a cold in the bud (“this stuff really works!”), we can start to explore the other realms of self-care, where herbs reign affordable, reliable, and thankfully, accessible. Working as fast and as well as pharmaceuticals without the side effects, we can begin to rely on plant medicine for a whole range of ailments, including preventative care.

According to the World Health Organization, 80% of the world’s population uses herbal medicine as part of their primary health care. This is what the rest of the world could learn from. When resources are limited and we want to cut down on doctor bills and drug costs, we can look to the plants around us, our grandmother’s wisdom, the pioneers of the herbal renaissance for making smart and effective products that we can find in our local health food stores.

For those of us wanting to make sustainable choices for our own longevity, herbs are useful, resourceful, powerful healing agents that are good for our bodies and for the planet.

Written by Marcie Goldman and Ryah Nabielski

The Menstrual Cure. Period.

These little (recyclable) bottles of herbal love really help out during your week of misery once every month.

Wish Garden Herbs Cramp Relief! was my menstrual savior.  The bottle directs you to use a few dropperfuls in a cup of water.  The remedy smells quite strong but mixed with water gives you a soothing, calming, herby drink.  I found that only using a few drops in the morning resulted in only a quick cure, maybe an hour or so.  The bottle however suggests a double dose of drops 5-10 minutes after the first dose for heavier cramps.  Winner, winner.  The double dose allows for a cramp free day. The remedy allows for multiple double doses within 20 minutes but I think the double dose is sufficient for heavy cramps.  I have been looking for something that is a good alternative to Midol, and I have found my solution.  I highly suggest Wish Garden Herbs Cramp Relief for even the Crampiest of Cramps. With ingredients such as “Crampbark, Wild yam root, Black Cohosh root, Catnip leaf, and Scullcap aerials in approximately 55% pure grain alcohol and Rocky Mountain spring water” this “strong uterine relaxant and anti-spasmodic” is a very enjoyable, tender, and quick acting solution!

I also received Wish Garden Herbs P.M.S Emotional! but do not feel I can accurately judge this herbal remedy. This little Radical Rescue herbal remedy “eases cycle-related mood swings, fragility and anger. However, I’m a little cuckoo crazy with my emotions to begin with, one minute I’m ecstatic, the next I’m stressed and grouchy. And maybe it’s just life. Though, I did enjoy trying the herbal remedy.  Even the action of using it, taking a few minutes out of my busy day to sit down and sip on some herbal remedy filled water, made me feel a little better about the whole damn menstrual thing. This herbal remedy includes the following ingredients: “Vitex berries, Scullcap leaf, Motherwort leaf, Passionflower, Vervain leaf, Burdock root, and St. Johnswort flower in 45% grain alcohol, Rocky Mountain spring water and vegetable glycerine.”

If someone has tried either of these Wish Garden Herbs Menstrual Help herbal remedies, please let me know your how they worked for you in the comments!

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