I dreamed of Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche last night.

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on Sep 18, 2009
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I dream of my Buddhist teacher, who I never see or spend time with anymore, enough to make up for the time I’m not spending with him. Last night I was in a Shambhala Buddhist fruitional Kalapa sort of kingdom’s court, many of my childhood friends (Dharma Brats) were important to his organization and my community, but I was kept waiting and waiting. Finally, I saw that my “turn” to see him had been casually set aside in favor of other meetings—Rinpoche is a busy man, who’s always serving. During the dream I was thinking how he was so busy, and how he worked so hard and tirelessly, rather like a spiritual, smaller sphere equivalent to our President.

I got a little temper on, and made the meeting happen. The attendants let me in, and from then on I don’t remember anything.

I do know that I miss him, and our sangha (community), a community I grew up in. But that what I’m doing now, though it was once successful and now is not, but shall be again—is for him, is for my Bodhisattva vow, if directly meant to be of service and benefit in a big way. Sharing the good news with those of us not fortunate to grow up in a non-theistic yet full-of-discipline magical world that’s right out of the ages. For all of us are just as worthwhile, of course, as full of basic goodness (for that is the view of human nature, we may be neurotic but those are but clouds before the sun and open sky of our fundamental nature).

Anyways, I’ve been thinking of him all morning, and don’t expect many to read this, as it’s rather personal and private, but I like to write, it flows naturally, and now I can get back to work. Staff meeting in 28 minutes, gotta get a few blogs up and catch up on some email before then. Looking forward to Yoga Journal Conference next week. Had a big elephant at Laughing Goat cafe party last night, that I’d organized rather last minute.


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6 Responses to “I dreamed of Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche last night.”

  1. umorera says:

    maybe it's time to do solitary retreat and get in to see the big man for real….you're the one making yourself wait….throw a temper tantrum at the being you call WHL…like a dream…i have a headache, i am not my headache.

  2. Right after paying my mortgage or going into foreclosure, whichever happens first.

  3. Daniel says:

    His Highness made a guest appearance in my sleep the other week, too. He make a sly remark about someone whose actions caused me pain, and worked on my knotted back over a table during a public talk. I was very grateful!

  4. Greg says:

    Good to read of your devotion. I look forward to your posts on this subject and the posts of your mother, Linda. I especially love the posts with tidbits of Trungpa's wisdom and the patience of Pema Chodron.

    Of course, to gain more readers to the thread all you have to do is add "I dreamed of fighting my teacher" last night.

    Regal us with tales of disrespect, warrior-like demeanor, being reduced to a victim. Teeter on the edge of insanity and death, make us hold our breath, wondering if you will soon fall into the abyss. Insult the Buddha Shakyamuni and stir the pot of divisiveness. You and I could stage a mock fight. We could tear at each other with hostile words and excite the crowds with the sight of "blood" from our psychic wounds.

    In other words, drama! Conflict! Samsara writ large! Hollywood has it down. The culture follows.

    Strange to think we cling to mutual destruction but then again we discover clinging has no bounds. There are no rules that say we cannot cling to that which destroys us — we have been proving that fact for thousands of trillions of years. Guess to do so is simply flowing with the river — as opposed to crossing the stream.

    It is no surprise to me that you study with your teacher in the land of dreams. It is the time you have open to study and so no doubt you use it. When you recognize the lessons imparted the experience becomes richer and richer. You can ask for the lessons you need for your waking challenges. Perhaps your post was no accident.

    I have found Khenchen Konchog Gyaltsen Rinpoche particularly good at this – among others. Am sure the relationship with your teacher provides a door to the Sangha for your use.

  5. […] doing the best they can, and better. Everyone’s trying). We’re divided in two: the Sakyong‘s innovation (which is profound and needed) has step-by-step replaced his father, Chogyam […]