Persona Hurting your Career Potential? Waylon Lewis…

Via Nathan Smith
on Sep 25, 2009
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The dangers of social media browsing rears its ugly head again.

While scanning my tweetdeck, which contains a search for “Waylon Lewis,” this morning I came across the following tweet @reeuq: “GLBT News Headlines (T4T-6) Persona Hurting Your Career Potential? Waylon Lewis of… #gay #news”

In light of the recent flogging Waylon has taken in comments here and elsewhere, I wondered if someone was actually commenting on the declining social status of our dear leader. Turns out, it’s just an unfortunate juxtaposition of headlines and links on a GLBT news site:



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One Response to “Persona Hurting your Career Potential? Waylon Lewis…”

  1. Waylon Lewis says:

    LOL. Saw that too. Our PR Newswire goes out everywhere