September 9, 2009

Props: water hydration station & hitching post for dogs.

Dog Parking.

If you bike around with your dog, you’re constantly faced with the difficult rule that says dogs shouldn’t be left unattended, tied up alone at a parking meter or whatever. Even if they’re super-safe and nice. There’s no certification program, as there is with Open Space—so the few mean old dogs out there ruin it for allll the other cute licky dogs. You go to a cafe, the grocery, wherever, and you have to ask a friend (or a stranger) to watch your dog for you. I guess it works out.

Still, there’s a number of places that go out of their way to be nice to our furry friends. Nick & Willy’s. Laughing Goat. Farfel’s, of course. And Whole Foods. They all are kind enough to put out water for our thirsty buddies, and I salute you all.

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Read 2 comments and reply

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