September 15, 2009

Partytime at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art 2009 Auction! ~ via Julia Schwab.

Walking into Boulder, Colorado’s Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art (better known as BMoCA) on Saturday night, I was met by a whoooosh of energy in a gala of bright lights, engaged conversation, classy fashion, mountains of food and drink, and lest I omit, art. Party time at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art 2009 Auction!

Donations from local artists and supporters of the arts were thoughtfully spaced for viewing through the front and back galleries if, and I mean it, if you could pivot through the animated maze of guests. Additionally, kudos to BMOCA’s staff for their sheer tenacity and always pleasant manners moving through the twinkling throngs. My personal navigation first drew me to the martini table, hosted in generous and friendly style by longtime elephriend Matt Baris of Vodka 14. From there, the coherence in this writer’s account synthesized into a collage.

Here are the unfettered responses to my inquiry: what is notable tonight?

It is great to raise money for the arts and the museum. Shows are expensive, and artists are so well treated by BMOCA, such a community to support art experiences. – Anna Marie Hernando

I think BMOCA is building the art community. They really are. Making art viable. -Sherry Wiggins

Sherry Wiggins & John Matlack

Great to see everybody! The space, the people – a “staycation.” – John Matlack

It really counts being part of an exciting art community, supporting the arts when it’s important in this difficult time. – Janet Jacobs

People, energy, the art, and the cause – relevant as this time starves for art. Plus, it’s fun! -Lori and Derek

What’s good here? Coming together in this community at this time as we’ve all been summering, and here we are. – Claire Levy

Penny Barnow is a dear friend and co-director of BMOCA. she worked very hard to put on the most spectacular art get together of the year. – Jim Bodin

That this is happening! Tonight’s just about as cosmopolitan as it gets. – Stephanie Bingham

The turn out’s amazing! So many here for the arts. -The Fabulous Lindsey Cash, a longtime BMOCAer who’s producing elephant’s talk show series at Naropa starting in November.

There are so many people here with the other events all happening tonight in Boulder. Plus I’ve had a great view of legs. -Neil King

All the new people I’ve never laid eyes on before, 90% of these people. That means there’s a whole new art community that’s coming out! -Gretchen King

The diversity I appreciate, the way people think and the way there’s an openess to new ideas, even though you’re closed in by mountains. As well, I appreciate the contemporary style, different from the traditional focus in Texas. -Tom Spencer (from Denton, TX)

As a math teacher, I noticed tonight the relationship of math to art. Can’t wait to tell my students. -Cindy Spencer

The food, we could eat a lot of it! And great art, especially the students’ light piece. -Ama Mills-Roberstson

Anna Marie Hernando & Ama Mills-Robertson

Cool art. The colors mostly. I liked it. -Aba (Ama’s sister from Iowa City)

The real show’s the people, costumes and the way they dressed. -Mark

Gingercakes and fashion! -Judy

I successfully dodged an ex-boyfriend from 20 years ago. -Sybil

So congratulations BMOCA. I hope you made a million. It sure was a fine night for many of us.

Julia Schwab is a painter and art therapist of many years here in Boulder, referred by those who know her as a force of imaginative wonder. For more information, visit her website.

The museum would like to recognize the following sponsors for their generous support of the auction: Anonymous, R.W. Baird, Faegre & Benson, LLP, Design Within Reach, Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse, Vodka 14, West End Wine Shop.

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