September 28, 2009

The Bar Method: it’s not about Drinking, but you’ll Wish it was.

Photo: Time Out Chicago

Here’s an article via our lovely talented social media mistress and longtime elephriend…Gwen Bell.  And yes, the video is a must-see. So what is The Bar Method? Read Gwen for more…Excerpt:

After telling my friend I tried The Bar Method on Friday, she laughs. “Really? How’d that go? Pull up a stool and order a cold one?” (Oh, I have funny friends.) No, but I wanted to crack one open after perhaps the most rigorous workout I’ve ever done (save ROTC Boot Camp but we don’t talk about that, do we?).

I was invited to come as press to cover the event – the founder of the method, Burr Leonard, was in town teaching a few classes. I agreed to do it because, as regular readers know, I’ve been on this mission to reach peak condition – and knew I was going to rock this thing. Only an hour? Pshaw, I’d devour it whole.

Imagine my surprise when I arrive. This is not yoga. There are weights involved. And the focus is on the exhale (rather than yoga’s inhale). And Burr, herself, seems to know the name of every student in class. But she seems to be saying “Gwen…” a little too often and, to my mind, menacingly, for this to be a good thing.

Thirty minutes into class I’m suffering. My muscles have hit fatigue-level shakiness. When she approaches me (watch the video, my shame is there for all to see. See 2:10 for pain-induced laughter) it is to give…

…For the full article, check out Gwen Bell’s rockin’ website.

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