The Dangers of Dog Bloating — A Letter from our friend Jen Sall.

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on Sep 8, 2009
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Hi Way,

Since I feel I was your dog mentor for some of the journey with Redford…I thought I would share my experience tonight. I just got home after an ordeal with Ollie, and I’m sharing my drama so you can be extra careful with Red.

Ollie contracted bloat. I know that larger dogs, hounds and deep chested dogs are more prone to bloat, so I am militant about keeping him safe. Well tonight, I learned you can do everything…and they can still contract it. Fortunately, I caught it early (so they say) and his prognosis is good. But this is after $700 in the ER, followed by surgery and continued care which should run around $5,000 — not kidding!

It’s such a terrible state—my dog is crying in agony, even heavily sedated and they demand you pay thousands up front.

You don’t, and your dog will die.

I guess you could consider pet insurance, but read the fine print.

And while you really can’t control bloat, you can be extra careful that

  • he doesn’t eat too fast,
  • drink water too fast or
  • run around until long after he has digested his food.

Here’s some additional info on bloat:

On a side note, a few weeks ago I entered Ollie in this cutest dog contest, a premonition perhaps. He has made it through a few rounds and on to semi-finals. Should you feel inclined please vote for Ollie daily and if you want to add it to ele — by all means!

Be Well,

Jen Sall
[email protected]


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3 Responses to “The Dangers of Dog Bloating — A Letter from our friend Jen Sall.”

  1. swati jr* says:

    i went through this with my malmute raja. so traumatic. fortunately when we took him to the ER, they were able to put a tube in him to expel the gas. minimal damage mentally and monetarily. he is a very fast eater because he was a street dog who still thinks there may not be another meal for awhile. but actually two years into it, he is starting to calm down and slow himself at meal time. always wait to exercise until food has digested. the ayurvedic principles apply to dogs as well!! i feel for this lil' guy ollie. get better soon!!

  2. Andy says:

    There have been several times I thought my dog (Golden Retriever) got Bloat, but it turned out he was only bloated and sort of full of gas. When he starts to exhibit the signs of bloat or upset tummy (frantic licking of the air, eating twigs and leaves, freaking out) I give him a couple Gas-X and just gently pet him and calm him down. Knock on wood, no actual bloat yet.

  3. stephanie hight says:

    As a fellow Wolfhound mom, my prayers and good thoughts to you and Ollie. Bloat happens, even to the most fastidious of owners and their pups. I'm glad you are spreading the word for others to be aware of the symptoms. Good luck to you!