What’s wrong with this picture?

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on Sep 2, 2009
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It’s Summer, and just about every store in my “Green” city turns on the AC and opens its doors wide.

Boulder Bookstore. Laughing Goat. The Cup. Hapa…all my faves do it. You know how much energy it takes to make the inside like an icebox, and leave the doors wide open (which I understand helps retail) when it’s blazing hot outside? It’s like leaving the door of a refrigerator the size of your house open, all day long, every day.


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3 Responses to “What’s wrong with this picture?”

  1. JoanaSmith says:

    …yes, I always wondered why they had to do that. It seems opposite of what you're want to do to keep a place cool in the summer.

  2. I took note of Teresa Fosters' "letter" about the irresponsible business owners on the Pearl Street Mall.

    If you walk down the mall you know them, the ones that leave their doors open in the midst of winter weather.

    This is a "practice" that has been going on since I came to Boulder in 1983.

    Specifically, Teresa spoke of Art Mart's unwillingness to close their doors, even when requested to do so.

    The owner of Art Mart is our new Councilman, George Karakehian, who's supporters include; Downtown Boulder, Inc., The Chamber of Commerce, the Realtors Association, and "bikers" who want more access to Open Space on the western foothills.

    As a candidate myself, I was shocked that Mr. Karakehian won because he barely took part in the debate process, and, I didn't think spending $35,000 on campaign literature and phone banks would be enough.

    I thought that Boulder's voters would be more aware than that.

    It appears that George's influence with, and support from, the "business community" was more than I expected.

    After winning, he exclaimed that he would be a voice for The Boulder Chamber of Commerce.

    Even they claim to support environmental initiatives like the Climate Action Plan?

    But, shouldn't OUR representatives on Boulder City Council be "living examples" for OUR community?

    At least Mr. Karakehian didn't hide from his "point of view" or lack of.

    When a representative from the Realtors Association spoke out against stronger energy efficiency codes because college kids would just leave their doors open, she should have mentioned "councilmen" would just leave their doors open, too.

    I'd recommend that Council pass an ordinance that disallows such irresponsible behavior.

    If it costs a hundred dollars to get caught with a dog on the mall, why not the same for keeping your doors open when it's freezing outside?

    Obviously, regulating behavior is necessary as greed is too powerful a force to think that people will act responsibly on their own.

    OUR own elected "volunteer" proves that.

    And, I'd like to see the Chamber of Commerce opinion on this matter, this waste of energy.

    Mr. K?

    Seth Brigham

  3. […] complained about the practice of leaving doors open in winter, talk about Global Local Warming, or Summer, when the AC just flies out the door, like your shop was a giant refrigerator with the door o… Still, many business owners (including {see correction under Update above} the Boulder Bookstore, […]