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on Oct 24, 2009
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boulder city council endorsements

boulder city council endorsements

To email this, just copy and paste link and email away to your friends. Or, facebook button it below to your profile for your friends to read. Or, print it out if you like (with thanks to designer Pam Uhlenkamp).

For info, links, videos on all the candidates (we also like Jyotsna Raj, though didn’t get to know her soon or well enough), go to my Guide to Boulder City Council Candidates.


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8 Responses to “elephantjournal.com email + print -able Boulder City Council Endorsements.”

  1. Interesting: biking around, I'm seeing three Boulder City Council candidates' yard signs on all TEBO real estate properties: Siff, Fenno, George K. Does that tell us something? I like Fenno and Barry, haven't met George yet but know he's well-respected, and Republican (a rarity in Boulder politics!).

  2. Average Joe says:

    Barry Siff is not limiting his expenditures according to the Campaign Finance regs, as the other candidates you listed are. Is that important to you? Is it ok that a political novice can buy his way into the City Council by spending more than anyone else?

  3. I am concerned, as we all are, about the power of fundraised dollars from various interests to effect the election. My endorsement of Barry is based on my faith in his ability to bring together green, business and outdoors communities to work together—I believe he sincerely cares about Boulder values.

    I am concerned that, partially due to Macon and Co, the green community has [email protected]#$%^&*ed off some of the business and development, real estate communities to a point where they're actively supporting Barry Siff, Fenno Hoffman (who I also like) and George K (who I don't know).

  4. Jinpagee says:

    When we consider green and sustainability issues, how can we not consider the amount of commuting that is occurring
    in and out of Boulder every week day? We do need to strengthen business option inside Boulder for the people who live here. Commuting to and from Boulder at the rate it is currently happening is UNsustainable. Also, "green" cannot be just for we privileged few … affordable housing in Boulder needs a boost. I have spoken with a supporter of Fenno Hoffman recently, and think he sees these issues pretty clearly. I know he is an architect, and probably has some self-interest going in regard to his position on these issues, but his positions make a lot of sense in the bigger picture of environmental sustainability and affordable living in Boulder. While I have lost some of my own mountain views (in Northwest Central Boulder) in the past few years, I would prefer density in town to spreading out all over the damn place — in the mountains and on the plains. Is that part of what Fenno supports?

  5. Seth Brigham says:

    Yeah, Joe.
    I think Waylon should stick to his crunchy website and magazine and stay out of the endorsement business.
    And, vote for Seth, Rob, Valerie, Tim and Macon…
    Siff is a corporate creep.
    KC is a pretender, never met a development she didn't like. All for the middle class. Give me a break.
    Matt's Flat!
    And Fenno should unload his head of all that density as the "new open space" bull.

    Vote for Seth and he promises to stir it up!

  6. RMarcum says:

    Which candidates oppose (or question the stringency of) the new FAR restrictions?

  7. […] Suzy Ageton, incumbent, received by far the most votes. I gave her honorable mention in my endorsements. […]

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