October 28, 2009

Enlightened Advertising, as seen at Denver International Airport.

The Dalai Lama…

“Doesn’t just wish for peace. He works for it.”

It isn’t enough, we all know,

to say Hope if we don’t work for health care reform,

or to say Peace, brother if we lose our temper at our children or pets or employees

or to protest wars if we’re not sitting down and dealing with our own aggression.

Peace starts at home—and in the “minds of men.” Still, it doesn’t end there—you can meditate all you want but if you don’t get out there and work for change, nothing changes.

It’s these two polarities—internal change and external change—that, combined in harmonious fashion, equal effective activism.

As Ginsberg said, “Aggression begets aggression.”

So here’s to all the moms and green entrepreneurs and teachers who are blood, sweat and tearing their way toward enlightened society.

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