Playboy Yoga.

Via elephant journal
on Oct 29, 2009
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Update: Playboy, in a nod to the age of ready access to internet porn, goes back to “classy” and does away with full nudity. An emphasis returns to writing, sexiness, humor and art. The first cover is a nod to Snapchat (and seems kinda boring, and not because it’s non-nude):

The Centerfold, however, featuring the great-granddaughter of Ernest Hemingway, is beautiful, artistic, stylish…and we hope a promise of things to come.

Photo here–they’re really quite good. 


“Ms. Hemingway and other featured women in the issue are unretouched. Playboy photographs have long been triumphs of technology, giving models a sheen of perfection that is unobtainable without lots of carefully placed lights and aggressive airbrushing. That is over…”



A few years back, Playboy did…Yoga. Coverage:

Yoga Gone Wild.

Now we’ve seen it all: Playboy Yoga videos with Sara Jean Underwood.

It was only a matter of time…the ultimate challenge to those “Yobo” fans who say that Yoga for Weight Loss, Disco Yoga, Bikram, Adidas Yoga with (my friend) Rainbeau Mars and Yoga without all that annoying Granola, Chanting or Sanskrit may not be “traditional yoga” (a moving target in and of itself)…but nevertheless may help open the door to those who might not ordinarily be interested in pure yoga, true yoga, quality yoga.

Well, Sara Jean Underwood, a young lady who won the 2007 Playmate of the Year award, has inaugurated a new series of yoga videos that are all over the site. Yup, there’s a new url in town:

Just the url itself is enough to provoke convulsions, grimaces, grins, vomiting and/or ogling. Beauty—or otherwise—is in the eye of the beholder.

This is provocative stuff—it raises some tough questions about the Future of Yoga (some of which are addressed by elephant, yogadork, itsallyogababy, joellhahn and, in comments, by our readers in the links above).

In any case, as the Buddhists say, it’s our obstacles or enemies that are our best friends, provoking self-examination, questioning and growing pains.

Now we’ve seen everything.*

*Actually, no we haven’t. If you like what you see, you can become a member and watch all her instructional videos in the nude (I mean her, not you, you can naked yoga it up—in the privacy of your own home, please—any old time you like).

(SFW) Videos:

“Playboy’s 2007 Playmate of the Year Sara Jean Underwood is a dedicated yoga enthusiast. She demonstrates some of the yoga poses that keep her body in such good shape. For more poses visit”

Relephant Mindful Bonus:


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39 Responses to “Playboy Yoga.”

  1. Via my bro John Cargile on Facebook
    now you are just trying to get hits

    Waylon Lewis
    Guilty as charged. But read the post, you'll see the commentary and links, which I think add a good deal to it.

    And nothing's wrong with traffic, that's like "accusing" a magazine of trying to sell newsstand copies. I've posted six good blogs today in addition to this one about climate change, Def Jam poem re being son without father, etc…don't see much traffic on those! In other words, you want to see more of a particular kind of article, click that link, copy and paste it, and forward it to your friends via email! Or press the F and post to your Facebook page! We're reader-supported, and many of our articles are reader-written!

  2. This hurts my soul.
    Quite possibly the easiest way to dilute a concept is to associate with Playboy, the epitome of superficiality and objectification. How many people do you think are going to watch Playboy yoga to learn some new yoga poses? Or to feel an enlightened sense of purpose and well-being? Most likely, the largest viewership will be looking at what the demonstrator is wearing (or not). This is an unfortunate reality.

  3. This should be a slam-dunk decision for the "Is it Yobo or is it Yoga?" Committee!

    Bob Weisenberg

  4. This should be a slam-dunk decision for the "Is it Yobo or is it Yoga?" Committee!

    Bob Weisenberg

  5. yogadork says:

    I must admit, if you watch the videos (even the clothed ones) she's a pretty decent yogi, AND there's commentary instruction. just sayin 😉

  6. Yoga Dork and Bob Weisenberg comments on one post, I love it! So funny: we've put up a record 20 posts today, this is the only one that gets traffic. Surprised, anyone?

  7. David Lewis says:

    This is either the End of the World as We Know It or a terrific way to get a bunch of young guys to take up yoga.
    To repeat: why is it that all these people practice yoga (also known as "stretching") but never seem to meditate?
    Would watching Sara Jean meditate be sufficiently visual? Would it be acceptably visual if she were naked? Naked and upside-down? One more question: is the "Standing Forward Bend" really a yoga position or just a good excuse?

  8. LindaSama says:

    "To repeat: why is it that all these people practice yoga (also known as "stretching") but never seem to meditate? "

    good question!

  9. Jeez, Mary Ann, I didn't objectify a woman, I took a photo of a woman AND a man, and wrote a piece about how folks were meeting in yoga class, or Whole Foods, or cafes now instead of just dark clubs with alcohol and drugs. That's a good thing, no?

    And I went out of my way to be clear about the issues raised, no pun intended, around "Playboy Yoga." If you want to make an enemy of me—to objectify me—that's your choice. But I won't do the same toward you, though it's tempting.

  10. John says:

    I completely agree with this line of thought. I can't wait for "Penthouse's Erotic Zazen" to make its big debut.

  11. Rainbeau says:

    HA HA…
    Okay friends.
    Play Boy Yoga – cool – look at all the girls and guys that are going to try yoga now.
    Fat, thin, small, blue, black, white, yellow or red,
    Old, young, confused, lost of found, envious, or needing work.
    All 6.5 Billion people get to journey into and find their Yoga (yoking)
    Even if they get side tracked along the way – we will eventually get there. Lets have compassion hold space, pray, walk the talk, lead by example and – know that everyone is welcome.
    PlayBoy yoga – she's cute… probably the closest and even cleaner then Nude yoga – WHICH YOU KNOW YOU HAVE ALL THOUGHT OF. 🙂
    Bring it up – taste of it, inspire from it, respect it and utilize each sensory experience as an opportunity to get closer to yourself, that which is divine and your own light body. our vehicle of lights awaits us.
    All inspiration intended and accepted.
    But no. I will most likely not be watching it – its enough to know its there…
    and it makes me laugh.
    Thank you Playboy for the smiles.

  12. Shabba-hoooooo says:

    Nobody pays for porn anymore, and Playboy Inc is diversifying their business in interesting ways!

  13. Claudia says:

    One of my teachers once said "Yoga is a tool like a hammer…you can either go build a house with it or just keep hitting yourself in the foot with it."

    Now, thanks to Playboy….you can jerk off to it too! Hilarious and gross at the same time….PURNAM.

    But my real question is if we dumb something down for mass appeal…does it just become dumb?

  14. Rainbeau! Great to see you on here.

  15. Great question. I'd say, yes…unless it's a gateway to more.

  16. kathryn b says:


  17. Don says:

    I don't know quite how to say this, but besides the obvious visual delights, it's nice to see how the muscles and bones align in her poses. Maybe I didn't have to click through the video 73 times to see it……yeah I did.

  18. Yoga postures have been created and enjoyed by studying crows, crocs, cobras, camels, dolphins, dogs, turtles, fish, peacocks, pigeons, lions and rabbits. Why not bunnies?

  19. […] una tentazione troppo forte. La rivista online Elephant su Twitter ricomincia a far circolare il link di questo articolo sullo Yoga di Playboy. Naturalmente, come scrive l’autore del pezzo, lo scandalo è soprattutto nell’occhio […]

  20. Joseph Boquiren says:

    Yoga is a GOOD thing. If Playboy and Penthouse posts videos of people doing yoga, then the practice is gaining a beachhead. It can only encourage more people into the practice.

  21. elephantjournal says:

    Brian A Complete w 1970's era porn music. chicka chicka bow bow

    Doc S: Even had a little "Brown Chicken, Brown Cow" music. Now I have to choose, this or YogaGlo?

    Joseph B: This is a GOOD thing. If Playboy and Penthouse posts videos of people doing yoga, then the practice is gaining a beachhead. It can only encourage more people into the practice.

  22. […] Check it out via Elephant Journal: Playboy Yoga Videos with Sara Jean Underwood […]

  23. guest says:

    so, was she 12 years old when she was playmate of the year?

  24. KundaliniCat says:

    …and there we go again, separating ourselves from the Others.
    are we better because we do meditate?
    When I did Yoga Teacher Training one of my teachers said that we are sowing a seed and that's all we need to do! LET IT GO…
    the rest is for the recipient to choose, whatever way that may be.
    How great to introduce Yoga to every aspect of our society! You never know, there might be a whole new influx of people who want to experience Beauty from within. The times are achanging and I truly believe Yoga can change life!
    It certainly did for me, and I only wanted to do it to lose weight and stay fit. Now I do it every day and see it as a tool of survival!
    Sat Nam, Cat

  25. […] she did Playboy’s Yoga instruction video series. Now Sara Jean Underwood’s hipstering about, nude, with 10,000 other Portlandia folk: […]

  26. meatpietatters says:

    The camera angle seemed to be mostly focused on the chesticular cleavage area sort of ignoring the more important YOGA elements.

  27. spiritmancuso says:

    and if you've seen her pictures in playboy, you have seen everything.

  28. thatmelchick says:

    I agree… although I giggled at the boob closeups and porn music. The only part about her instruction that seemed awkward was the use of first person singular. Dunno if I've heard a teacher say "I" so much, but then again, she IS the one instructing. Might as well refer to herself. (???)

  29. thatmelchick says:

    Oh, and any reference to breath might be nice, eh?

  30. Shari says:

    I know I must admit scanning the links this is the first one I clicked on, what can I say? I agree with everyone – no matter how cheesy or watered down it is going to turn new people onto yoga and that is a good thing. Best of all at least she has clothes on, I was expecting naked yoga! 😛 Plus its obvious she knows what she's doing.

  31. […] I was among several who broke the news on the existence of “Playboy Yoga” a few years back—I swear, I just read elephant for the yoga. And I’m personally of the opinion that this is fine if it gets folks beyond lust—the videos aren’t that sexy—and back to thinking about yoga. Likely, this video will attract folks who normally don’t belong to the “yoga demographic”—and I’m good with that. But there are serious concerns, too—touched on in my original blog, “Now we’ve seen everything.*” […]

  32. Bob says:

    I’m sure I would get all hot and bothered watching her yoga video, but if her practice is good, her practice is good.

    I am bi and I totally confess that my Rodney Yee videos did not get worn out from innocent enthusiasm for his teaching skills. But I am sure my practice is better for it!

    So tell me, is her practice good? Will my girlfriend feel good about getting me this for christmas?

  33. Lauren says:

    I just threw up in my mouth a little.

  34. […] on EJ. A rehash of something published earlier (the piece is almost literally an addendum to another piece published in 2009), it reads like a classic “Gotta post something today” piece, which […]

  35. Simon says:

    I think getting horny is good for your health at a primal evolutionary level.

    It produces a mental, emotional and physical shift towards being more attractive to a potential mate and preparing the whole system to allow the spark of divinity through you to create new life. It's enlivening and invigorating and provides a better lift and perk to your mood than caffeine, sugar, alcohol or Prozac.

    Where's the harm in getting turned on by a bit of erotica? Hardcore porn may be taking things to another level, but this is pretty tame and harmless if you ask me.

    If it offends anyone so much then maybe prioritize your concerns. There's not enough time to fight every battle.

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