What’s 350 all about about?

Via elephant journal
on Oct 16, 2009
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350.org October 24th

This video commercial explains all in cheerfully, underwaterful, apocalyptic terms:

This is a TV spot made by DAM to promote the 350 movement. 350 is an international movement that lobby’s to bring down the carbon emission to lower than 350ppm. If the concentration of carbon continues to increase life as we know would cease to exist and humanity will suffer. Currently the carbon concentration is about 387ppm.

On the international day of climate action, which is the 24th October people from all over the world are going to do things which promotes the number 350 and which grabs the attention of the world leaders and media.

Divers Association of Maldives is having 2 events. One is the underwater cabinet meeting which would be chaired by the President of Maldives happening on the 17th of October. The cabinet would meet underwater using scuba and pass a declaration from the people of Maldives to the world leaders meeting and Copenhagen on December 2009 for the COP15. The other even which takes place on the international day of climate action, October 24th is the 24 hour underwater rally. 350 divers will go underwater to rally against climate change and call out for reducing carbon emissions.

This video is made with the assistance of veteran director Tedry Niyaz and Ahmed Fahudh Studio.


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3 Responses to “What’s 350 all about about?”

  1. JoanaSmith says:

    I hope that people are listening to the Maldivians, they are really trying…but people are strange,
    gradual disasters are difficult to comprehend.
    It's like that thing about putting a frog in a pot of water and then turning on the burner– he'll boil himself to death,
    but if you try to put him in once it's burning he'll jump right out. I pray we're smarter than frogs.

  2. Great comment. You should do a post just on that theme. It's sooooo true.

  3. […] Yesterday, December 15th, the COP was abuzz with new and fresh energy. Wait-time in the registration line went back up to four hours, chairs became scarce real estate in the common areas, and shouting and singing from various youth delegations could be heard throughout the packed halls. The public pressure on the policy makers to come to a strong, binding deal gets ever stronger, after a 50,000 person march on Saturday (which ended up with 600 Black Bloc-types getting arrested for arson) and 350 youth delegates in orange shirts demanding for 350 ppm. […]