Whole Foods Hotties.

Via elephant journal
on Oct 27, 2009
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whole foods dating

Boys and girls, there’s a new place to meet an attractive member of the opposite sex. First it was a gentleman caller sitting in your momma’s parlour back in the 1880s. By the 1950s, it was the drivethru hamburger joint. Come the ’70s, it was the drugged-out disco club.

Now, it’s yoga class, or Whole Foods. The places we meet seem to be getting whole-some, all over again.

whole foods hotties


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23 Responses to “Whole Foods Hotties.”

  1. Liz the aunt says:

    Those pix strike me as a sort of creepy stalking thing…

  2. anon says:

    is this legal? ha

  3. Oh god, I took blurry photos at random peeps, including boys. I'm not paparazzi, I was trying to let folks stay anonymous.

  4. You're so misunderstood, elephantjournal. I bet that's the first time you've been accused of being a creepy stalker!

  5. Thankfully, it is. I was trying to make a point about where folks are meeting, my bro Bob and I went to Whole Foods last night and it felt like going to the dog park, all the boys and girls courting one another in the aisles! Only it's a grocery store, not a club or cafe.

  6. I'm not sure the dog park analogy is going to help your case!

  7. Fred says:

    Totally creepy. This is a person and not some "random chick" that is being objectified. Use your hand dude if this is what gets you off.. Keep your camera in your pants EJ.

  8. I'm also "objectifying" a random dude, on the right. This post is about WFM and other wholesome places, like yoga studios, becoming where community happens and romance starts—I think that's a good thing, as opposed to needing to do keg stands, get drunk in some dark bar, etc. Thanks, Fred.

  9. Honestly, wasn't trying to take photo of "ass." Was trying to take blurry photos that didn't show anyone in particular, just to make a point. We all see folks who are stylish and attractive, in WFM or on the street or at our fave cafe or whatever—that's what this post is about. At least in Boulder, and apparently in NYC according to a comment on Facebook where this article was posted, it's a "scene" at the grocery. That's cool, in my opinion—I think romance can happen just as well by the light of day, and without drugs or alcohol or loud music to help us get over ourselves.

  10. Mary Lou says:

    Another creepo boody shot of a women with a camera without her permission. What next, 'up skirt'. "trying to take blurry photos"? I rather have some a drugged out, alcoholc in a bar tellihg me they love my ass then some pervert taking pictures of it without my permission. Stamp FAIL on this one and drop .your excuses.

  11. Fred says:

    Not what your focused on ej, your camera was on HER ass. Why are you so defensive about this?

  12. Wow. Say what you mean, Mary Lou, don't hold back.

  13. I tried to take blurry photos (so not showing faces) of men and women. I didn't want to take photos of folks faces. You all are outta control. My point is about folks meeting in increasingly wholesome (no pun intended…) environments—yoga studios, Whole Foods, Farmers' Markets…instead of having to get drunk and meet in a dark bar all the time. That's a good thing, I thought.

    It's funny: what's common knowledge among hundreds of my pals, women and men alike, in Boulder, seems to be incredibly controversial for Fred, Mary Lou, even my Aunt Liz! I'm happy to change the photo, maybe I'll do that right now—getting accused of creepiness is awwwfully tiring.

  14. Someone's got to come to elephantjournal's defense here. Doesn't intent mean anything? There was clearly no ill intent and clearly not the slightest harm done to anyone anywhere, so where's the problem?

    At worst elephantjournal misunderstood how some would take it. But if he tells you he didn't mean it the way you saw it, take him at his word and drop it already.

    Bob W.