November 16, 2009

As seen in Boulder, Colorado: TEBO real estate + a certain City Council candidate’s yard sign.

This morning, in line for coffee, I heard someone say, well, you still can buy your way into the City Council! They were referring to George K, who raised something like $40K, an unheard-of amount for a local race (you can raise 10K, and win easy if you run an organized campaign and have a coherent, sympatico message).

Now, to be clesr, it’s well within George’s rights to raise that kind of money, and though (imagine!) he’s a registered Republican, so are many Boulderadoans. Still, it’s a little unseemly seeing his (and two other’s) yard signs on every realtor property in Boulder, Colorado. Are they buying some votes in this pricey, precious, green-minded once-hippie cowtown?

Having contributed far more than $100, the technical maximum, it sure seems so.

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