November 4, 2009

Goal: 3,000 Facebook Fans by Friday at Five.

elephantjournal.com needs your help. Ask your Friends to Fan elephant by clicking the Suggest to Friends button here! Our goal: 1,000 new friends in next 10 days. Help us spread the good word about the mindful life beyond our choir and to the masses! Are you in? If so, say so in comments below!


Support elephant? Want to help us spread the good word re: the mindful life beyond our choir and to the masses? Fan us on Facebook.

Why? Facebook is free for us to use—and a natural way for us to connect with community, an integral part of our mission. It’s our best way to spread the word on events, articles, videos.

Already a fan? Then click “suggest to friends” at the link above, and invite your facebook buddies! Or forward along this link, or tweet this link?

We’ve gone from 1800 to 2400 fans in the last few days—thanks largely to many friends and colleagues and companies on Twitter, like Grist, below. Help us make the last six hundred in the next two days, eek!

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