I want a Goat! {I’m on a Boat}

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on Nov 24, 2009
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You’re on a Boat?! I want a Goat!

{Explicit lyrics for a good cause}

"I want a goat"

Take a good hard look at my motherf##[email protected]#$%king goat. We eatin’ rice and dahl ’cause we ain’t rich.

And, while you’re at it, give $20, design a goat, and change an entire village. That should take care of a year’s worth of murky karma.

"I want a goat"

$20 = One Goat. With thanks for the tip to @grist.

I fell in love with I’m on a Boat (click for video, which you should watch before the below if you haven’t seen it yet), the ca-lassic sendup of the hip hop braggadicio genre.

Then, I idly wished some eco types would do a parody titled “I’m on a Bike!” Then, it turned out two groups already had.

Then, our friends at New Belgium Brewery hit “I’m on a Bike” out of the park.

Oh, and David de Rothschild told us how “I’m on a Boat!” made of repurposed plastic bottles.

And now…now…now, finally, there’s something even cooler. An I’m on the Boat parody for a good cause.

I Want a Goat!

Enjoy (and if so inspired this holiday season, give).

Design and donate a goat at http://iwantagoat.com – Our friend Debbie recently returned from 7 months in India, working with the people in this video. Beau (the Pantless Knight) went to visit her and together they shot this amazing footage. The people in Puki and Nua Kerenga villages had never seen a video camera before, but they understood our goal and were excited to let us help spread their message – THEY WANT GOATS.

Why goats? The reason is that goats work. Goats breed and multiply and help the villagers pay for medicine and other important things in times of emergency. They are a valuable source of financial independence for these people, who are very poor and often get taken advantage of by money lenders. The Indian organization where Debbie volunteered (SOVA), has been establishing goateries (real word!) in tribal villages with great success. The results have been empowering for the villagers. We want to help provide more goats for these people.

If you like the video, please share it on facebook, twitter, email, etc and consider donating a goat to help one of these amazing families at http://iwantagoat.com. Oh, and peep the Jordans on our goats, “White Chocolate”: http://iwantagoat.com/goat/white-choc… and “G-Pain”: http://iwantagoat.com/goat/g-pain_10

– Beau, Peter & David.


Aw shit, get your travel shots its about to go down. (yea-aah, shortay)
Everybody in the herd get to the fuckin village (yea-aah, yeah)
But stay on your motherfucking hooves
We running this, lets go.

I want a goat. (I want a goat) I want a goat (I want a goat).
Everybody look at me cuz I really want a goat. (really want a goat)
I want a goat. (I want a goat) I want a goat (I want a goat).
Take a good hard look at the motherfucking goat. (yeah).
I want a goat motherfucker take a look at me
Straight livin in the village no lectricity (yea-eah-eah)
Pourin monsoon I aint got no raincoat
You cant stop me motherfucker cuz I want goat.
Take a picture, trick (trick)
I want a goat, bitch (bitch)
We eatin rice and dal
Cuz we aint rich (rich)
Im straight missin school
Cuz Im so naught-ay (cuz Im so naught-ay)
Im freakin hungry, you at Starbucks
Straight sippin lattes
Im pounding out some grain, chopping wood and shit
Carrying pots on my head damn you know Im fit
But this aint Bollywood, this is real as it gets
I want goat motherfucker dont you ever forget
I want a goat and
It aint no joke and
I got tribal dance moves
Like Michael Jacksaan (michael jacksaan)
Im the King of the World
Want a goat for rea-oh
If you got lotsa goats
Then youre sure not me-oh
Get the fuck up, this goat is REAL
Fuck TVs, I want a goat motherfucker (motherfucker)
Fuck cars, I walk barefoot motherfucker (motherfucker)
I play outside no toys, motherfucker
These livestock make noise, motherfucker (motherfucker)
Hey ma, if I get sick again (sick again)
A goat could help me buy med-icine (medicine)
And all those profits when I sell its kin (sell its kin)
Like Slumdog Millz, anything is possible (anything is possible)
Really if I get a goat
Itll help keep my family afloat
Look at me, ohhh
Really hope I see the day
When I send those moneylenders away
Believe me when I say
I fuckin deserve it
I want a goat. I want a goat. (ohhhahhhoh)
Everybody click the link, give a motherfucking goat. (yeahahah )
I want a goat. I want a goat. (sha sha sha sha sha)
Everybody click the link, give a motherfucking goat. (sha sha shortay)


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3 Responses to “I want a Goat! {I’m on a Boat}”

  1. […] I’m on a Boat (click to watch original) spoof may not be as good as a few others, including I want a Goat or New Belgium’s I’m on a Bike, but it’s got its lyrical turtleneckin’ […]

  2. Tamar says:

    The goat has been called the "avatar of poverty" (Paul Shepard (1996) The Others: How Animals Made Us Human, page 303) precisely because of its durability, usefulness and hardiness. The goat is typically an animal shunned by post-agricultural, upper classes who prefer animals that set them apart: namely cows, horses, camels (all with top bloodlines, of course) – and, in Boulder, the yoga-yuppie mutt (no dis here: I have a border collie/lab with a collar from a dog boutique). We could, however, cite one historical exception to the socio-cultural correlation of the goat and poverty: it was/is the "darling animal among the dropouts and communal hippy farmers of the 1960s" (Shepard 1996: 302). But such categorical blurring we can come to expect from complex (*cough – "all") societies.

    Easy to obtain milk (cheese, etc) and meat from the species Capra (not to mention all the other bodily resources), a genteel disposition like a dog (save when it goes "billy" on a few butts), and ability to scratch out a living in marginal ecosystems while acting as garbage disposals (of which our pearl of the Earth seems to be careening towards, and not without the help of the goat – her/is teeth and hooves wreck havoc on vegetation) – all make this fellow earth-dweller a good (if not slightly conflicting) investment in hard times – both economically and ecologically.

    And speaking of boats and goats, rich and poor, and the contingency of history on all such dichotomies, Shepard goes on to imagine a world vanquished by global warming, "a sacrificed earth," where "perhaps the oceans will have swallowed most of the topsoil and will be mined by millions of rafting small-scale fisherman and their families, whose goats, dancing on the decks, will provide milk and munch the parts of fish which people cannot eat" (ibid). If we don't watch it, beware the goat shaking her/is booty on a boat – bling, bubbly, bikes and Boulder now artifacts of a previous socio-cultural reality.

  3. Anandi says:

    Love the song (both) and the cause. I'm sending my peeps a motherf##[email protected]#$%king goat.