December 1, 2009

elephantjournal.com reviews: Celume Creek Design, One-of-a-kind Pottery.

Coffee is the first thing I think about when I wake up in the morning.  Truthfully, I can hardly think of anything else or anything in general without my coffee fix.  However addicted I may be, it’s my morning cure. Dealing with something like this that so heavily weighs on my thoughts, what I drink my coffee out of means a lot.  Thankfully, I ran into the lovely Caron Schwartz Ellis, ironically at a coffee shop, and she asked if elephant would review a piece of her one-of-a-kind Celume Creek Pottery.

She had a variety of handmade mugs with her and I got to choose my fav.  I absolutely looooove it.  The design and colors perfectly fit my style.  It is my new favorite mug and I actually started bringing it around town with me to coffee shops. What I find so wonderful about this mug is not just the fact that it is completely unique, locally handmade pottery, but it is the story that I think of whenever I sip from it.

From Caron’s website “About” section:

I began making pottery as an antidote to writing.

I’ve long been a “communication maven,” and words are my primary medium. When writing everything has to fit together perfectly, make absolute sense. I’m seated in front of a keyboard, staring at a screen. I’m thinking linearly, stringing words together to tell a comprehensible story.

Working with clay is dynamic, so I’m often standing or pacing as well as sitting. The piece is crafted by working in three dimensions, and the dramatic arc comes through action — kneading, shaping, carving, painting. The story the clay tells is unpredictable, and may turn out incomprehensible.

Pottery allows me to create something that can’t be easily summarized.

Now that the weather is finally cooperating I like to gaze into Celume Creek and get the inspiration to make pots. It’s really the ditch we use to irrigate our property, but with a touch of Photoshop it sure looks magical!

I also enjoy cycling to the Boulder Potters Guild where I’m an apprentice.

Caron Schwartz Ellis shares her story with me while I sip on my morning coffee.  I love knowing exactly where my mug came from and know that instead of Chinese kids slaving over mugs and making a dollar a day, my fav mug was made with heart and compassion, for the joy of pottery.

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Read 3 comments and reply

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