Lost iPhone.

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on Dec 1, 2009
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lost iphone

It’s $500 big green buckos for a replacement, ’cause you have to buy at retail price. That’s $500 I don’t have. If we get 100 friends to give $6 each, that’ll cover the $500 plus the paypal charge plus the taxes and bullshiite.

lost iphone

I don’t expect folks to help, of course, but I’m in a situation, which if I fully described would sound pitiful, like I was playing a little poor-me violin.

So here’s an experiment: can we crowdfund a friend out of a situation? When a friend in our community gets a bike stolen, or a phone lost, and they don’t have any dough in their bank account, but they work hard and are good peeps doing worthwhile stuff for our community, can we crowdfund ’em out of said situation? I’m willing to offer a helping hand to my friends in need. If you feel inspired, please do same for me. I’ll be happy and honored to do same for you if and when our situations are reversed.


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15 Responses to “Lost iPhone.”

  1. Reader says:

    Maybe you should get a cheaper iphone. They're def available.

  2. Good point. Thanks. Even refurbished is $400. I've done my research. I have to have 16 memory, which is middle tier, to handle video for interviews.

  3. via FB:

    dude you gotta get one of those tracking apps next time! http://www.gadgettrak.com/products/iphone/

    Waylon Lewis
    Definitely! I checked all that out today. Two days too late!

  4. via FB:

    dude you gotta get one of those tracking apps next time! http://www.gadgettrak.com/products/iphone/

    Waylon Lewis
    Definitely! I checked all that out today. Two days too late!

  5. via FB:

    dude you gotta get one of those tracking apps next time! http://www.gadgettrak.com/products/iphone/

    Waylon Lewis
    Definitely! I checked all that out today. Two days too late!

  6. via FB:

    dude you gotta get one of those tracking apps next time! http://www.gadgettrak.com/products/iphone/

    Waylon Lewis
    Definitely! I checked all that out today. Two days too late!

  7. Via FB:

    I had to replace my iphone after it got run over by a car. I paid twice as much for an 8G as I did for my 16G. Bummer, I feel your pain.

    So sorry. Can commiserate…Lost mine yesterday.

    I bought the insurance simply because I have an infant. Normally I don't believe the insurance on these items are worth it but after your post….it just might be.

    Waylon Lewis
    Also MobileMe costs another $100 or whatever but then you can track the iPhone if lost and the battery has life in it.

    Called Apple, they said call AT&T. Called AT&T, they said "sorry, not eligible for upgrade until July, call Apple, you should be covered by warranty since you got phone recently. Anything else we can help you with?" while I wondered what exactly they'd helped me with in first place. Called Apple, they said "no, don't know why AT&T thought we could help."

    Oh, yeah, replacement is $500.

    buy refurbished…

    Jen Sall
    tell them you are going to move to the least $ plan possible until your contract runs out and move to another carrier if they dont help you OR contact another carrier like verizon and they might give you a credit which essentially buys out your contract

    Waylon Lewis
    I like that, Jen, will do.

    I have an extra grey new razor on att you can have till it is reborn?

    Credo mobile…if you have to change carriers, is a good company (ethically anyway…) and you could go to a Blackberry there. They will buy out your contract and give you a discount for 6 months of service.

    Waylon Lewis
    I was with Credo for 7 years. Love 'em. Didn't love their phones.

    Peggy Markel
    Corporate headquarters must be quiet. What shall we do? Elephant Journal needs a Patron Saint.

    Waylon Lewis
    Thanks, Erika! I need a smartphone to handle twitter, my web site, maps, all that for travel. I use the hell out of my iPhone for elephant. I'll just bite the bullet and hopefully sell some ads to cover the cost.

    Refurbished is still $400!

  8. Thanks, Dave! Worth a try. I just got off phone for another 20 minutes with AT&T rep, love when they ask if there's anything else they can do for you, after they've done nothing in the first place for you. Every time.

  9. Tee says:

    I have a question. How were you able to accomplish these necessary tasks before you obtained an iPhone? Do you have a wifi-enabled laptop and a digital camera that takes video? It seems to me that, for the price of an iPhone, one can buy a laptop, a camera, AND a phone that will double as a modem. These may or may not afford the convenience of publishing content on the fly, but quite often, the "green" acts we perform (such as riding one's bike or taking the bus instead of driving, for example) are hardly convenient. Merely curious.

  10. Great question. I doubt I could afford such a convenient yet powerful camera, or ride a friend's bike all week in LA (as I recently was able to do) thanks to Google Maps, or text as eloquently (conventional phones forced me to type five words at most, a pain)…etc. I never took photos for the blog before I got the phone. A lot of it is bells and whistles. Some of it, like the camera, video camera (for interviews), notes, calendar, memos, real-time Maps/Directions based on GPS), Tweetdeck and web access are really bundled marvelously in the iPhone. It's why so many folks humble themselves before the inefficient, pricey ATT systems and fork out $200 for an iPhone.

    With a replacement at $500, however, it's been days and I haven't replaced it.

    And you'll be glad to hear that the silence, while inconvenient business-wise, has been wonderful!

  11. Tee says:

    *the easy way is not *always* the best way.

    p.s. I'm an excellent speller, correct grammar-conscious, and anal regarding punctuation. Sue me. ;p

    p.p.s I'm available for hire. 😉

  12. di~ says:


    just today someone stepped up and helped me. although not in a financial manner, it was very touching. i am happy to pay that forward and help you, blessed to be able to 'crowdfund' a member of the community as you say (notably: you). send me an email- [email protected]

  13. iphone says:

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