Help Haiti: Ways You Can Help Via Organizations and Social Media

Via Anna Brones
on Jan 13, 2010
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Update: Unparalleled collection of photos at Video at bottom. Toll approaches 50,000 according to NY Times (Huff Post was throwing around 100K yesterday!).

Over at Under Solen we thought it would be a good idea to compile ways that people can reach out and help Haiti earthquake victims. Even if you can’t travel to Haiti, or don’t have lots of money to donate to relief efforts, there’s a lot that can be done simply by spreading the word. Here’s our original post with some added ways you can help out.


An earthquake registering 7.0 on the Richter scale hit Haiti yesterday. Centered just outside of the populated capital, Port-au-Prince, the quake’s effects have been devastating. Within less than 24 hours the outpouring of international support has been impressive. So how can you take part? Here’s just a small collection of what’s out there.

1. Huffington Post has an ongoing list of relief efforts and how you can get involved that it is going to continue updating. Check it out here.

2. Matador is trying to use the power of its network of passionate travels to make a difference. They’re trying to get Jet Blue to sponsor a flight of volunteers to provide on the ground support. They need help with exposure, logistics and simply spreading the word. Take a couple of minutes to help out and re-tweet this message:

@JetBlue: If @MatadorNetwork could fill a plane with volunteers, would you fly them to Santo Domingo to help #quake vics in #Haiti?

3. CNN has compiled a list of organizations that will be providing support to the estimated 3 million people that have been affected by the earthquake.

4. Many people are engaging the Twitter community to raise awareness, as well as funds. Search “Haiti” and see what the latest updates are.

5. Musician Wyclef is asking people to raise money for Yele Haiti by texting Yele to 510 510 and donate $5. You can pass the message along via Twitter:

RT @wyclef: Haiti is in need of immediate AID please text Yele to 510 510 and donate $5 toward earthquake relief.

6. President Obama has pledged his support, and you can follow the Administration’s recommendations on how you can help via the blog. Families of Americans living in Haiti are encouraged to contact the State Department at 888-407-4747

7. Help the Red Cross out by donating on the website or texting “HAITI” to 90999 to donate $10. Help out my re-tweeting this message

RT @redcross You can text “HAITI” to 90999 to donate $10 to Red Cross relief efforts in #haiti.

These are only a few of the ways that you can help… know of more? Leave them in the comments below.

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17 Responses to “Help Haiti: Ways You Can Help Via Organizations and Social Media”

  1. Thanks for this informative post.

    It's so helpful to have everything collected in one spot like this.

    Bob Weisenberg

  2. Leann says: has a direct link to donate to Haiti.

  3. Roger Wolsey says:

    an excellent way to respond is to give to UMCOR as unlike most charities 100% of every $ donated through them goes directly and solely to actual relief work and materials.

  4. Jen says:

    The World Food Programme was already in country and gathering all available resources to deliver food to the recently homeless and impoverished in Haiti.

    Read more about the emergency efforts underway here:

  5. maia duerr says:

    Partners in Health, founded by Dr. Paul Farmer, has been addressing health issues in Haiti for years and is on the ground there now doing good work. See

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  7. David Cole says:

    i know it is being quoted but the number for Yele Haiti donation is 501 501 not 510 510

  8. Roger Wolsey says:

    the main UMCOR website is being overloaded, so here's another way to access them:
    ***another good way to respond is to give to UMCOR. unlike most charities, 100% of every $ given to them goes directly and solely to actual relief work and materials. (0% to administrative or advertising expenses)

  9. rhonda says:

    Below is a list of websites to contact to help. And an off-line way to help, also.

    The United Church of Christ has launched an emergency appeal for Haiti after a major earthquake struck the country yesterday <… . Funds from the UCC's One Great Hour of Sharing are being rushed to our Haitian partners to support their initial emergency response. However, your generous donations are needed to provide the greatest level of support for the victims of this terrible disaster <… .
    Here is how you can help <… .

  10. *K* says:

    You can also text "give" to the Red Cross at 2HELP (24357) to donate $5 to the Haiti Disaster Relief Fund. This one is going around both facebook and twitter, but I did double check the Red Cross website, and it's legit. The charges show up on your cell phone bill.

  11. zeenat potia says:

    Also consider Oxfam America.

    Oxfam has long experience in Haiti, and we're rushing in teams from around the region to respond to the situation where our assistance is most needed. Our response will include providing clean water, shelter, sanitation and helping people recover – your donation will go immediately to the most critical needs in Haiti, and we will ensure that every penny is used wisely.

    Donations to Oxfam America's Haiti Earthquake Response Fund can be made at, by phone (1-800-77-OXFAM), by fax (1-617-728-2562) or by mail (Oxfam America, Haiti Earthquake Response Fund, P.O. Box 1211, Albert Lea, MN 56007-1211).

  12. courtabuck says:

    The American Institute of Philanthropy rates charities based on how much of your money goes to the actual relief work.

    Here's their page on the Haiti relief effort:

    It includes UMCOR, but also others IRC and IMC that rate an A+ and are getting relief to Haiti immediately.

  13. lists some ways in which webmasters can help Haiti.

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