How Google got her Groove Back.

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on Jan 12, 2010
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mao google

Update. Irony of the Day:

google china baidu

Excerpt: As daylight faded, two 18-year-old law students approached with a bottle of rice liquor and lit two candles. One of the students said that she wanted to make a public gesture of support for Google, which steadily has lost market share to Baidu, a Chinese-run company that has close ties with the government.

“The government should give people the right to see what they want online,” said the woman, Bing, who withheld her full name for fear that it might cause her problems at school. “The government can’t always tell lies to the people.”

google china censorship human rights

Google vs. China

In defense of Chinese Human Rights Activists

Google threatens to Shut Down

…“For Google to pull up stakes and basically pull out China, the attack must have been large in scope and very penetrating,” Mr. Mulvenon said…

Mr. Drummond said that Google decided to speak publicly about the attack not only because of its security and human rights implications, but because “this information goes to the heart of a much bigger global debate about freedom of speech.”

Google entered the China market in 2006, agreeing to introduce a censored search engine…

When your company motto is don’t be evil, you really, really, really shouldn’t be evil. So while we sit back and shoot spitballs at Google (and Bing, and Yahoo, and now Apple) for colluding with our Commie Brethren across the sea in censoring Chinese human rights activists on the web, and the Dalai Lama, and even to some extent, we have to then give ’em props when they take a stand.

Well, today, they did.

Excerpt, NYTimes:

Breaking News Alert
The New York Times
Tue, January 12, 2010 — 6:11 PM ET

Google Threatens Pullout From China After E-Mail Accounts Are Hacked

Google threatened to end its operations in China after it
discovered that the e-mail accounts of human rights activists
had been breached.

The company said it had detected a “highly sophisticated and
targeted attack on our corporate infrastructure originating
from China.” Google says further investigation revealed that
“a primary goal of the attackers was accessing the Gmail
accounts of Chinese human rights activists.” Google did not
specifically accuse the Chinese government. But the company
added that it is “no longer willing to continue censoring our
results” on its Chinese search engine, as the government
requires. Google says the decision could force it to shut
down its Chinese site and its offices in the country.

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One Response to “How Google got her Groove Back.”

  1. Mathew Gerson and Chris Courtney like this.

    Joel M
    this is in preparation for the cyber false-flag that many are predicting, which will pave the way for internet reforms reducing the freedoms we currently enjoy online, similarly to how 9-11 was used to bring in the "Patriot Act".

    Waylon Lewis
    uhoh you should write article for us let's scream bloody murder preempt that bullll

    Joel M
    if it paid I'd consider it, but the little time I manage to find, quickly dries up. gotta pay the bills… =]

    Seth B

    Joel M
    google is evil

    Michael E
    Google is evil? Anytime any business gets big people will say that. I think all and all, Google is a decent company that could be better but is far from "bad" and certainly not evil. Now the powers-that-be in China, well, that's another story…

    Joel M
    lol, it was tongue in cheek. and evil is relative. They have become what they said they wouldn't. Put it that way.

    Michael E
    I hear you, and I do agree with that. And that is the problem with big business. There comes a point when they get to big to be as "good" as they can be.

    Joel M
    they have switched sides in the invisible, but ubiquitous, class war. so depending on whether you can see this war, its actions and casualties, and on which side you stand, the labels are there ready to apply.

    Michael E
    Well put.

    And, why?
    I think it's not because the Chinese were cracking into internet sites, e-mails, what not of Human rights advocates in and outside of China, but, that google itself was being cracked into.
    They are not getting out of China for moral reasons as is their line, but, because their own company is at risk because of the possible loss of intellectual and technological properties.
    That's my take.
    Google should be persona no grata, especially, if you are one of those who want to boycott Whole Foods…. See More
    Google is ten times more immoral when we are talking about free speech and the manipulation of information.

    Waylon Lewis
    I think Google is farrr from evil. That said, we've criticized them for three years in elephant re cooperating with China, as have many larger and far more important news orgs!