Our Editorial Policy (is Up to You).

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on Jan 2, 2010
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everglades vs. sex toesox naked yoga

Which image do you click on?

Q: Why all the posts that involve “nudity,” “Nude,” “Naked”?

A: As I always say, we do 39 posts to every one that’s silly or sexy…but since folks click 39x more on funny or sexy or controversial posts, you get what you click on. Want more on the Everglades, or Health Care Reform, or Climate Change, or ecofashion, or feminism? Then click on ’em when we post ‘em. We always try and keep any sexuality or silliness uplifted with good content, humor or insight, and artful respect.

That’s the answer for now. The longer-term answer is that since clicks = readership/traffic = ads = sustainability as a business, we’re going to offer a subscription this year, full of perks and special freebies via “mindful” advertisers. The cumulative subscriptions will pay for a managing editor, allowing our ed-in-chief (Waylon) to take a step out of micro-managing our traffic and allow us all to offer better quality content, the kind of original, in-depth stuff we used to offer more of as a magazine.

Our goal remains the same: to be chocolate-covered medicine: to offer quality, helpful, in-depth content in a fun, entertaining, accessible package.


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8 Responses to “Our Editorial Policy (is Up to You).”

  1. Maybe we just need sexier pictures of Florida!

  2. how about this one? http://static.pyzam.com/img/funnypics/people/flat

    Good topic and a picture that will inspire clicks. To be fair, should also include picture of man in speedo.



  3. Graham Markel says:

    I chose Florida. Florida is Americas wang.

  4. beans says:

    nothing could save this E-rag.

  5. elephantjournal says:

    We're not looking to be saved— W.