This is what you get, Nader Lovers.

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on Jan 23, 2010
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This is what you get when you don’t vote for “the Lesser of Two Evils.”

A half dozen friends have asked me to blog this up over the last few days since this stunning un-decision was handed down from the newly conservative-leaning Supreme Court. In return, I asked all of them to blog it up, since I’m no authority. None of them assented, so here’s my (short) take:

This is the answer to that Progressive Koan I remember hearing so often from my friends in Gore v. Bush in 2000: “Why vote for the lesser of two evils?”

While Gore may have been an imperfect president, one thing is certain: his Surpreme Court nominations would have lived and worked for decades in a more compassionate, less corporate-first manner. Our Supreme Court Justice Roberts is a young man, and despite a cheery, Pleasantville demeanor, his influence is chilling—and it’ll be active for another 30 years.

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Via the New York Times

Justices, 5-4, Reject Corporate Spending Limit

WASHINGTON — Overruling two important precedents about the First Amendment rights of corporations, a bitterly divided Supreme Court on Thursday ruled that the government may not ban political spending by corporations in candidate elections…

…for the rest, click here.

A few more-or-less applicable videos re the immeasurable influences of a man I admire, and regret:



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4 Responses to “This is what you get, Nader Lovers.”

  1. via FB:
    Pamela Whatley
    [re the decision] Where's that "do not like" option?

    William Harryman
    my earlier post: if corporations get "personhood," let's make them pay REAL taxes like the rest of us – subject to ALL the laws we live by as citizens

    Well said William!

    this decision is a shame!

    this is Rep. Alan Grayson's response to this BS…sign the petition to stop this on his page



    In about ten years – after every politician is bought – they'll have it so they don't pay any taxes. Easily the most despicable ruling in my lifetime.

    Again, corporations should not be allowed to bribe and blackmail public officials into voting the way they want. Only people should be able to do that!

  2. and once again, the USA completely fails to maintain it's own self-appointed role as the champion of democracy ….

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