Will you participate in Boulder’s Winter Bike to Work Day?

Via Lindsey Block
on Jan 18, 2010
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Bike to work

This Wednesday, January 20, 2010 is Boulder’s Winter Bike to Work Day.(!)

Yet, I can always think of a million excuses and reasons why not to bike to work (i.e. biking takes double the time than driving/busing which is that much longer I am not walking my dog and that much more time wasted that I am not getting another blog up on elephantjournal.com or updating my twitter/facebook account and because it’s cold and cars are scary and I always wear my helmet which is dorky but safe and I’m avoiding roadside pollution, wait, what?). But are any of these excuses good enough? Of course not.  I’m embarrassed when I even think of them.

So I’m going to suck it up, strap on my helmet tight, wake up extra early, get exercise while getting to work, stop by Moe’s Bagels on Broadway to enjoy breakfast with the lively Boulder community and feel good about minimizing my emissions.  Is this something we can strive to do everyday? I sure hope so and I applaud those that bike everywhere.

What are your best excuses not to bike to work and how will you get over them to participate in Winter Bike to Work Day?


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2 Responses to “Will you participate in Boulder’s Winter Bike to Work Day?”

  1. Jamie says:

    I also work nights occasionally, and I must say – having the streets of Boulder all to yourself is unbelievably enjoyable! Biking in Boulder is sometimes (okay, more than sometimes) terrifying (cars that stray into bike lanes or drive straight through cross walks, people who fail to look both ways before pulling out in front of you, etc), but it is also so rewarding! I don't have a car, and I manage just fine on my bike something like 345 days a year. When it's just too cold or nasty out for me, I take the bus!

    Got to love Bike to Work Day for raising awareness for all the reasons why we should set the keys aside every once in a while and get out and enjoy the fresh mountain air. =)

    See all of you cyclists tomorrow!

  2. I hate. And fear. Drivers who are on cell phones. Grrrr. Otherwise, love bicycling every day!

    Did you know drivers on cell phones are 4x more likely to get in accident? And texting is of course much, much worse.