January 20, 2010

Yoga Shorts via Elsie Escobar. ~Claire Lochridge

Elsie Escobar is the self-proclaimed “yogeek” featured in Nancy Alder’s recent “Yoga Resolutions” article.  Here are a few of Elsie’s favorite short videos for you to check out!  The 31-months’ pregnant backbend is my personal favorite (that one’s hard enough to do with a bellyful of water or lunch, much less baby).

Prenatal Yoga: Urdhva Dhanurasana (not for beginners)

Elsie’s Yoga Video Tips: Taking Care of Your Feet and Calves

Yay, more reasons our feet deserve massaging!

Short intro and meditation to one of her public classes: Vasudeva As December Lights

Her third video posted here, from an opening class meditation, puts a beautiful spin on enjoying the lights we decorate the outside of houses with during the holiday season by suggesting we “cast a light into the self.”  Outward projections of beauty should be equally as important as the lights we use to shine within ourselves.  What a lovely parting message!

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YoGeek.Me Bringing Out The Geek in The Yogi & The Yogi in The Geek!

Elsie’s Yoga Class: Live and Unplugged Podcast (Free Online Yoga Classes)

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“Joy is very contagious, try therefore, to be always overflowing with joy, wherever you go” -Mother Theresa

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