February 19, 2010

Top 10 Yoga Tweeters on Twitter – Updated.

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Best Yoga Twitter UPDATED February 15 by Waylon Lewis.

I’ve now been on Twitter for five fifteen months. It took me the first few months—until I started using Tweetdeck (advice and link here)—to get Twitter. Up to then, I figured it was yet another speedy-world distraction.

Now, it’s now an integral part of my business. With more than 13,000 followers and an incessant stream of mindful drivel, @elephantjournal‘s been named to 15 19 top national lists, won the national twitter Shorty Award in #Green (sorry, @algore) for 2009, and twitter has enabled us make countless immediate connections.

Ironically, this most virtual of mediums has given me a daily sense of community, good friends, and perhaps mostly invaluably, dialogue with those I disagree with.

For those not yet bitten by the bird, Twitter’s a great, free way of networking, sharing, learning about cool things…great for individuals, great for small businesses, great for community and finding out about local specials and such. But it’s all about consistency—a quality many of our original faves have lacked over the long haul.

I can personally recommend that you follow the yoga twits below. And if you would like to be followed, just add your Twitter id (@blanketyblank) in the Comments section in the bottom.

0. yours truly, @elephantjournal, focuses on “the mindful life” generally. So while we’re not really a top yoga yoga yoga tweeter, we do offer some good fun interesting interviews, articles…most recently an interview at our Walk the Talk Show with John Friend of Anusara, an article about Yoga for Basketball, and a review of a yoga DVD for plus size yogis and yoginis.

Okay, on your mats, get set, breathe…

1. @yogadork is fun, personal, serious, and she knows and cares about yoga and community.

2. @anusarafriend is John Friend himself! His tweets are rare but not too rare, and they’re always full of wisdom and poetry.

3. I like @yoga_journal, though they don’t tweet half as much as they used to, so we’re going with @yoga_mydrishti.

4. @davekennedy he’s a great mensch, a dedicated yogi behind prAna, big innovator, supporter of elephant, friend. While I haven’t seen him tweeting quite so much as I used to, he’s a mover-shaker-director of traffic unparallelled.

5. the charming, energetic, fun, self-proclaimed yoga crone @corayoga, who tipped us off to Elvis Yoga, and now writes for elephant.

6. @bobweisenberg is amazing, everywhere, commenting, sparking dialogue, he’s patient yet firm, sharp, with a depth of understanding and kindness that makes my every day better.

7. @kathrynbudig isn’t hyperactive on twitter, but maybe that’s a good thing. She’s got consistent presence and her tweets are to the point, fun, interesting. An emerging yoga star, she’s a charming, sincere columnist for elephant whose posts consistently get crazy traffic. Everyone loves her.

8. @tarastiles is everywhere, and has been a longtime twitcolleague of @elephantjournal. Her tweets range from profound quotes to fun and interesting info about what’s up in her fabulous mover-shaker yoga world. She’s an inspiration.

9. @DeepakChopra, who though not yoga-focused is HUUUUGE (he has more followers than I have brain cells) and incredibly active and supportive on twitter. He’s constantly tweeting, replying if you tweet him, arguing, supporting…his moment to moment information stream is nearly unparalleled in twitterland.

10. Who else? Suggest your fave (or yourself!) in comments below.

Spinal Tap Honorary Number 11: @gaiam, though I’m not seeing them tweeting quite so much these days they are consistent, have a wealth of content, and are supportive RTers.

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