“A Fortunate Homosexual”

Via elephant journal
on Mar 29, 2010
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Living La Vida Happy

Via Washington Post: “Martin said he wasn’t sure how the news would affect his career: ‘It doesn’t matter. . . . The word ‘happiness’ takes on a new meaning for me as of today.'”

Ricky Martin, having made his millions, comes out.

While we may not give a care about celebrity, good on ya, celebs tend to be examples to young folk, chuknow? So it’s a great moment when celebs stop caring most of all about fame/money/career and start thinking about honoring who they are, as Ricky put it, being happy and whole.

And while it may not be a huge surprise, judging by the blogosphere’s reaction (and my friend Lisa’s reaction “Duh!!, of course, everyone knew that!”), Ricky Martin announced that he’s gay on his blog today.

Good on him.

“I am proud to say that I am a fortunate homosexual man. I am very blessed to be who I am,”

While I wish he’d done it years before—and helped be an inspiring example to his countless fans—he notes that, sadly, he was advised it would destroy his career. Still, as the Wall Street Journal of all papers points out, other musical artists who have come out have seen longstanding, successful careers post-admission.

I knew there was no way a straight man could move his hips like that.


His song and video, Living La Vida Loca, will be forever seared on my circa 2000 brain—I remember karaokeing it up in the middle of nowhere at a cowboy bar called Potbelly, with a ton of Buddhist friends one random night.


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3 Responses to ““A Fortunate Homosexual””

  1. I know, we have some amazing salsa dancers…it was meant in good humor, of course white people can dance, and they can dunk, too! And I'm sure there's plenty of Latinos who don't love to dance, and gay men, too. I was brought up on Sesame St, don't worry—it was intended more to make fun with the stereotype, which does exist, that white men can handle disco and bad electronica and heavy metal and country, but not the sassier, sexier forms of dance. This is not a PC forum, I don't think—but it is a respectful, fun, and fair one.

  2. Good for him!

    Often people who seem obviously gay don't come out because it's actually obvious to everyone but their own families, who are often in deep denial.

  3. Welsh87 says:

    Agreed YogaforCynics! I had a friend for many years who kept his homosexuality a secret and when he "came out" every just breathed a sigh of relief except his parents who couldn't believe it! Now he is living so happily with his partner 🙂

    Congrats Ricky Martin!