From the Department of Counter-productive Hypocritical Hippie Activist Blowhards.

Via elephant journal
on Mar 26, 2010
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"fuck war"

Saw this sticker on a laptop or something recently. As a better (more effective) activist than you or I put it,

“Aggression begets aggression.”


Here’s a better image:


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18 Responses to “From the Department of Counter-productive Hypocritical Hippie Activist Blowhards.”

  1. Via a Dorje Kasung friend:
    "Good Sir,
    depending on the context, a f**k can be considered victory of some sort!
    Cheers–have a lovely weekend, Waylon
    your bro,

  2. Richard John Kinane says:

    Way and all,
    check out the Vidyadhara's calagraphic comments on overcoming aggression

    — Richard John

  3. Oh, thank you so much for that. Love those. Wow.

  4. Greg says:

    In '70 I worked for government program in which we trained teachers and street workers who were going to run inner city Street Academies in an Outward Bound style training. We had Army troop carriers and other vehicles at our disposal. We wrote "Make Love Not War" in chalk on sides of Army trucks – as we drove around the looks from local New Mexico residents were priceless.

  5. Synthian says:

    Ya dude… you're not even close to right on this one. – Screaming outrage is an ABSOLUTELY appropriate reaction to indiscriminate firebombings.

  6. Yeshe Dorje says:

    I am still confused whether fuck is a good thing or bad thing.

    I don't think strong opinions or outrage are a problem when it comes to a discussion of "our" wars…

    Buddism seems to say there is "relative" and there is "absolute." It doesn't say (from what little I know) pay no attention to the relative.

  7. Greg says:

    Yes, Buddhism doesn't say pay not attention to the relative, only to look at it with correct perspective. When one looks at the karmic imprints – past lives – one finds so many wars and so many clashes before there were even bodies with which to conduct war. Has a lot to do with ignorance and attachment.

  8. Luke says:

    Yeah, I'm with Synthian… Outrage is an outright appropriate first reaction to indiscriminate violence.

  9. Lovvit. Any time a war wants to get fucked, I'm down.

  10. I disagree. That's the whole point: aggression only begets more aggression.

    We can do everything we can do to stop a war while remembering that peace in both means and end is our goal.

  11. You sound righteous.

  12. Love it. The daisy in the gun photo of the protestor is powerful. There's nothing effective in the long-run, generally, about aggression as a protest tactic.

  13. Looooove these. Thanks for that.

  14. David Clarke says:

    Yes, it is true; we do tend to become infatuated and consumed by our passions be they attuned to the murder of innocents or the irrefutable smugness of our spiritual convictions. This idea that because we (special few) have a transcendent appreciation of the universe we are permitted or perhaps compelled to libel and label those activists who are inspired to vociferously denounce what they see as cruelty, inhumanity and injustice is an hypocrisy that reveals more of the motivation of the accuser than that of the accused. Your country is the biggest purveyor of aggression in the world. It is a friend with right-wing dictators and ideological tyrants, it creates poverty and suffering through economic, political and military policies that invariably benefit the rich and the powerful. It is a disturbing trend that sees the spiritually enlightened denouncing the pitifully few voices that speak out against apathy and ignorance. War is Peace, Freedom is slavery, Ignorance is Strength.

  15. Via

    Chad G
    wars start with language like this

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  17. Ahimsa?? says:

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