Jamie Oliver: the Chicken Nugget experiment w/ Children.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Mar 29, 2010
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jamie oliver chicken nugget children
If Children know what they’re eating, will they still eat it?

Jamie oliver – nugget experiment epic failure by Stratus321


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14 Responses to “Jamie Oliver: the Chicken Nugget experiment w/ Children.”

  1. Joy
    this is sad.

    Becca B
    I've seen the first couple of episodes of this; he's sure got his work cut out for him!

    this experiment could be (and has been) used in other settings as well. i saw a documentary where a woman shopping in wal-mart in the u.s. meets a young woman who has worked in slave conditions in asia to manufacture the low-cost garments sold in the store. the consumer learns about the struggles faced by the young woman and seems to truly … See Moreempathize, but when asked if she would pay more for the shirt in her hand to help improve the lives of the young woman, her family, and her coworkers, the consumer answers, "no! my life is hard too! i can't afford it!" it seems to me that even children can be trained to look away from–to deny–what makes them uncomfortable. change is elusive.

    Hillary Campbell
    This made me so ill to watch… what incredible programming we've done to our children. Good luck Jamie!

    This was so disgusting, and it breaks my heart as a mother to see how numb and brainwashed our sweet innocent children are becoming. I wish you nothing but great luck in your journey, Jamie. Thank you for caring about the issue enough to start your 'Revolution'!

    Courtney G
    This is unbelievable….and so sad! Wow……

    FAAaaaake! Those kids said they wouldn't eat it not seconds before he threw it in the pan… that HAD to be scripted. And I noticed you didn't actually SEE them eating the stuff on camera. The message is clear though: don't feed your developing children this disgusting crap.

    Kari Lyn
    I have wonderful little grand children that live on chicken nuggets, french fries, corn dogs and pizza. It breaks my heart, but what do you do? I try and get them to try other food, it's a battle and I don't see them enough to battle with them.

    I take my "leftover" chicken carcass to make soup stock from it – the traditional use, btw – the old cultures made use of every part of an animal for food, clothing, shelter, etc. but we are the only ones who deep fry the crap out it and make it zero nutrients in the process. How do we de-program the kids? Turn off the TV, or monitor what they … See Morewatch, but always educate. Plus, don't feed them crap. YOU are in control of what your kids eat NOT the TV! If they are hungry enough, they'll eat the healthy food you prepare and once they are detoxified they won't want to go back (I tried to eat something I used to love and it made me physically ill…)

    @Kari Lyn. I have the same problem. Christopher (age6) eats pretty much everything. My daughter, Xan (age3), stays home with me, and I'm a vegan, so her eating habits are more like mine. I think sometimes, for the good of their health, you have to pull the "Eat what I cooked because I know what's best for you" card. If you educate them, they'll learn good habits from you as they grow up.

  2. Hunter says:

    It was the first time it failed. And he was so confident. Welcome to USA. I loved the part where he added extra skin. I remember not having a very refined palate when I was a child, but I didn't really eat chicken nuggets. I chose to become vegetarian at a young age, and once they had good veggie nuggets I ate those. I still think fake chicken nuggets taste better than the real thing.

  3. Lisa says:

    Say it ain't so!

  4. Assuming non-vegetarian, there is nothing wrong with the non-premium pieces, as long as the bird itself is free from hormones, locally and sustainably raised. Might as well use them. Although, I'd prefer to just give that raw back to the dog who really appreciates the bone, marrow, and connective tissue. Or, like Laura says, cook it down into a stock with good veggies and set aside for some serious chicken-soup when needed for colds and flu season.

    We might choose not to eat them if vegetarian, but really, bones and marrow and connective tissue are good things. Helps us to stand, walk, and be within-connected.

  5. Carmenza Montague says:

    I agree with comments above that some of the chicken parts this man calls "bad" are nutritious indeed. That aside, If I understand correctly the implications of what he is saying, there appears to be a significant difference in the upbringing of kids in Britain versus the USA, which made these kids behave they way they did (even when told that the food being prepared came from "bad" parts and was not good for them, as well as portraying the carcass as a nasty thing to eat, the kids said they would still eat it.)

    Being a foreigner and not from Britain, it is not clear to me exactly what, according to the above, would be the difference in upbringing that would cause the results of the test to be diametrically opposite. Could someone please explain? Thanks a lot!

  6. kathryn b says:

    we've got some serious work to do with our youth

  7. This just makes me sad…

  8. Dave says:

    When I first saw this, I couldn't believe it. My jaw literally dropped… and then I promptly put a chicken nugget in my mouth. So delicious.

  9. Alice2112 says:

    This is an embarrassment to America and the way we are raising our children. All the other kids get it, but not the American kids!!! UGH

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  11. Alice says:

    Kids are ALWAYS hungry. Jamie, try to prepare both fried (breast chicken and nuggets) next time and give kids a chance to choose.

  12. Doug says:

    I don't get it. Why is one part of a chicken "good" and another part "bad"? It is all the same chicken. Who is brainwashed here??

  13. Just saying says:

    I don't think the human body directly takes bone and marrow and connective tissue from food and uses it for the same purpose within itself. I'm not an expert, but the human digestive system will simply pass these elements. Our bone and marrow and connective tissue are generated through the proteins and and minerals within the digestible foods we eat. So eating a bone does not equal bone matter incorporated into our skeletal system. Just saying.