elephantjournal.com reviews: Natural High Lifestyle’s eco laptop table.

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on Mar 30, 2010
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Green Gift

Think of the next Seven Generations: protect your lap with the Natural High Lifestyle’s laptop table.

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“The most eco-responsible, elegant, stylish laptop table on Planet Earth.”

Probably my personal favorite product I’ve reviewed in years. Natural High Lifestyle’s fully “eco-reponsible” laptop table is comfortable, stable, and will save your lap from getting fried. Great gift for techies and laptopsana-practitioners everywhere. ~ ed.

I was just out in Venice, California, for a week—and wherever I went, within a few minutes my laptop came out and I blogged something up or tweeted or promoted one of our Columnists’ posts to Facebook…and, more often than not, I tapped away at my over-warm laptop as it sat, yes, on my lap.

I stayed at my green biz buddy Scott Badenoch’s place near the beach, and he continually acted as my big brother, bringing me a cardboard box to put the laptop on, so it didn’t…as he rather succinctly put it,

“fry my balls.”

Laptops, apparently, are bad for your bits and tackle. Whether you’re a man or woman, they’re not supposed to be sitting directly on your nether regions.

And so this product review, which ele received gratis, is timely. Natural High’s laptop “table” is eco through and through (mine is organic cotton and hemp canvas, filled with buckwheat hulls, and the table itself is wheatboard)—and future generations will thank you for protecting your lap.

Finally, I’ll put in a plug for Natural High: this is one great walk-the-talk company you can feel good about supporting with your hard-earned bucks.

This makes a great gift for your favorite laptopsana-practioner.

natural high laptop table protection lap health eco organic gift


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7 Responses to “elephantjournal.com reviews: Natural High Lifestyle’s eco laptop table.”

  1. frank says:

    wow! thanks for the glowing recommendation Waylon! Im honored to have protected your potential future generations so that all may enjoy long into the future… Use it to keep righting the good write!

  2. Ben_Ralston says:

    Cool. I want one. My balls are already fried, but I still want one.

  3. Myra says:

    If you've ever used your lap as a table for your computer, you already know that it gets very hot after a while. That can be uncomfortable but the real danger comes from the infrared radiation emitted from the laptop. The result can be a rash. Use a a laptop table and save yourself from the waist down. The best in the market is the one designed by Natural High Lifestyle.
    A Great gift for a student, business man, or a cool hipster! : )

  4. Nice to recommend such a product. when I go to purchase it, I cannot find a dealer, and they do not sell direct to the consumer.

  5. Myra says:

    Barbara~ here is the website with all the info. you need to make a purchase. http://www.naturalhighlifestyle.com/shop/index.ht

  6. Matt Stoner says:

    Great content. Keep it up. I look forward to more like it

  7. Ault says:

    I’m looking to get a competent writer, lengthy time within this area. Superb article! Spooky/