Treehugger nominates Waylon Lewis of elephant journal / Walk the Talk Show Best of Green…

Via Anna Brones
on Mar 9, 2010
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Treehugger Best of Green

Our Waylon Lewis is nominated under Culture + Celebrity on TreeHugger’s Best of Green: as Ambassador of Environmental Culture.

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Monday morning. Doing the usual coffee + email + Twitter routine, which is where I’m tipped off that Treehugger’s Best of Green 2010 Reader’s Choice nominations are up and it’s time to start voting. So I head on over and start checking out who has made the list this year, and low and behold, smack dab in the middle of the first page of the Culture and Celebrity section is Waylon Lewis and Elephant Journal, nominated for Best Ambassador of Environmental Culture.

Oh wait… I know that guy… Sure, Waylon’s the face of Elephant, but it’s definitely a group effort, and our editor extraordinaire will be the first one to tell you so.

Best of Green - Elephant

Making it on Treehugger’s shortlist is validation that this whole independent-green-eco-minded-media-with-a-touch-of-sass thing that we’ve all been working hard on really is making a mark on people, and of course, we’re all happy about that.

Now onto less shameless self-promotion:

The Treehugger Best of Green 2010 Reader’s Choice Awards include 40 prize categories across 8 main topics, and there are some great names (and friends of ours!) that have been nominated, like Eco Salon, Derek Markham, Bike Portland, Nau Clothing, Bill McKibben, Huffington Post Green, Alexandra Cousteau, and many many more.

This is the second year for the Treehugger Best of Green awards, and they won’t take place without your participation, so head on over and get to voting! You can vote across all topics once everyday between now and April 2, so to make your vote really count, make it part of your morning coffee + email + web surfing routine.

And of course, we hope Waylon + Elephant gets one of your votes. Call it your good deed for the week.

Vote (for whomever you like).


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