April 30, 2010

Don’t ask an entrepreneur “how are you,” unless you got 10 minutes.

It was a long sad hard good chapter of his life called Losing, Rebuilding, Losing some more.

Phone rings. “How are you,” a kindly naive friend asked.

The young man wasn’t all so very young, anymore, and he answered slowly:

“Heavily depressed this afternoon, but in a good way…something brewing. Probably just tired. Got to work alone (no staff or interns today), so that was nice. Worked at home covered in blankets. Worked at Atlas, then Tee & Cakes cafés. Tried to listen to Edward Sharpe again and again, but hard to write while doing so. Had a salted caramel cupcake, talked with Ari, life is good. Everyone petting Redford all day as he lies belly up soaking in the sun.

Barely made it home, so tired. Walked dog in cold wet Spring evening dim sun with friends. Fell deep asleep after watching first five minutes of Affair to Remember. Woke up, it was still early evening.

Cooking dinner, the neighborhood’s lights go out. Come back on. Go out again. Stay out. So I lit candles, finished cooking, ate in the half-glowy dark.

Now, the lights are back and I’m working again a bit.

Can’t wait until this long, hard chapter of my life is resolved. elephant is starting to rock, and our “grassroots sustainability network” new media model is building. By August 11, foreclosure date, I’ll have saved/lost my home. If homeless, I’ll be gone. If still have home, that’ll mean I’m financially stable for first time since killed the magazine. It’s all about June 17.”

“Okayyy,” friend said, retreating.  “Stay in touch!”

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