Hot Tub/Cold Plunge Mentor

Via Brooks Hall
on Apr 12, 2010
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How having a friend in the hot tub makes all the difference!

At Kripalu there is a wonderful hot tub, and a cold plunge. I was afraid of the cold plunge. On a previous visit I had put my toe in there and a calf, but that was about it. In the cold water it felt like rigor mortis was crawling up the inside of my leg. I just couldn’t make myself do it. I told a new friend about this, someone I had just met at the Albany Airport. We were waiting for the Kripalu Shuttle and she told me about how great it was to go back and forth between the hot and cold water. I was jealous! It sounded so great, but I just didn’t think I could do it! I wasn’t able to before…

Right then and there she generously offered to be my cold plunge mentor. It turns out that that was how she overcame her resistance to the cold water, too. I hesitated for a moment out of fear. The cold plunge was a small pool, and most of the women bathe naked. I was a little concerned about my personal space, but I really wanted to try so I said yes (of course!).

Then one day after the Program Session at Kripalu we were near one another putting on shoes. It was time.

After getting good and hot in the spacious hot tub, I followed my mentor over to the little cold plunge bath. She went right in, hugging herself and breathing fast, and said something like, “oh my god,” several times. I went right in, all the way to my neck. I was smiling. And it was so easy with my friend there. I looked into her eyes and felt courageous. It was very cold, but the coldness seemed secondary to teamwork, doing this thing together, and showing that I could do it, too. I was in no hurry to leave, so we stayed for a couple minutes. And when I went back into the hot water my body released so much more. It was wonderful! And for the rest of the visit I did the hot tub to cold plunge and back to the hot tub again whenever I could.

It was a success!

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5 Responses to “Hot Tub/Cold Plunge Mentor”

  1. Jay Winston says:

    They have a similar set-up over at the men’s hot tub. Don’t think I was too concerned about the cold plunge, though, probably because of the couple of days I once spent at a house in the Rockies with a hot tub on the back porch, where we’d soak till we were good and hot then dove off the porch into snow drifts in something like zero degree weather…I think I probably had to be coaxed into doing that, though…(and was probably wasted)…

  2. Brooks Hall says:

    Wow, Jay! That sounds nuts. I think I thought that jumping into snow after hot tubbing was just a story. But it sounds like you did it. Cool.

  3. Elize says:

    Brooks, I am a sauna lover, hot tub enjoyer and cold tub terrified. The first time I took the plunge I had so much enthusiasm that I slipped, bruised my rump and was stuck in the cold water for longer than was comfortable. I haven’t been back since! But I am encouraged by your tale….

  4. Brooks Hall says:

    Elize! How tramatic! I’m sorry about that.

    The cold plunge is exciting, and physically intense so I can imagine how something like that might happen… On a more recent trip to the cold plunge at Kripalu, I went in alone and screamed as I dropped myself in. I haven’t gotten over the thrill!

  5. Randall Smith says:

    Richmond Sauna, Richmond, ME, Finnish style. Memories.