Iceland bans the sexual exploitation of women.

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on Apr 3, 2010
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Nude! Nudity! XXX! Girls girls girls! Naked women!

Called “the most feminist country in the world,” Iceland (where nearly half the politicians are female, as opposed to the US, where something like two senators out of 100 are women) has succeeded in banning strip clubs “for feminist, not religious reasons.” Cheers!

My question is, will this simply result in a hidden, dark, black market for sexual exploitation?

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iceland strip clubs naked women exploitation nude nudity girls


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11 Responses to “Iceland bans the sexual exploitation of women.”

  1. I'm conflicted about this…the business of human trafficking, or sexual exploitation, is about as sordid as it gets. Great they're taking a stand on rights basis, not just religion or prudity as with Prohibition. That said, will making sex clubs etc get rid of human trafficking, or sexual exploitation, or just send them to the shadows, where they're less safe and less out in the open?

  2. Normal Guy says:

    What's wrong with strip clubs?

  3. Tyler_Dewar says:

    There are currently 17 women serving as Senators in the U.S. Senate, but your overall point is of course spot on–we compare poorly to Iceland.

  4. Tyler_Dewar says:

    In the US House of Representatives, "there are 75 women (constituting 17.2% of the total) [currently seated]." (

    In Canada, 67 of 312 members (21.5%) of the House of Commons (the main body of Parliament) are women.

  5. Dan Mage says:

    As a libertarian (albeit of the leftist variety) I object. Even if it's other women telling women what they can and cannot do with their bodies, it's a government ovestepping its bounds. This isn't child porn, or the sex-slave trade, its entertainment by and for consenting adults. Have they banned gay strip clubs, or clubs with male strippers for women too? If I were still young and pretty, I'd strip. (when I was young and pretty, I was too stupid to use what I had). I'm sure the supposedly non-sexual exploitation of low-level female office workers will continue, and at a much lower rate of pay.

  6. Dan Mage says:

    As a libertarian (albeit of the leftist variety) I object. Boycott, protest, object loudly and publicly to strip clubs if you object to them. Invoking the coercive power of the state is rarely justified. This is not child-porn or sex-slave trafficking, it is entertainment by and for consenting adults. It is still government telling women what they may or may not do with their bodies; the fact that the prime minister is female and gay does not change the basically intrusive nature of this type of law. Government is not a good public babysitter for adults (Nanny State).

  7. Whoops! But, still, glad I'd covered my lazy-ass tracks by saying "Something like." Really, we can do better than 17% in 2010, can't we? I think I was thinking of African-Americans—Obama, I believe, was the only black senator.

  8. Guest says:

    As a female, I wish the world had more Tyler Dewars and fewer men with Normal Guy's question. "What's wrong with strip clubs?" is a dissertation. Or a book Germaine Greer already wrote. We do compare poorly, in our politics and otherwise.

  9. If Charlie is not on the show might as well just trash the rest of your episodes CBS.