Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, Episode 3 {Hulu}

Via elephant journal
on Apr 15, 2010
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food revolution jamie oliver
Just watched my man man Jamie Oliver and his Food Revolution…Episode 3…and half-cried, half the time.

Enjoy, and get inspired:


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3 Responses to “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, Episode 3 {Hulu}”

  1. Newshoes522 says:

    I'm not a big fan of Jamie Oliver at all. Honestly, I find the whole intervention-ist mindset he has kind of frustrating. I know he has the best of intentions, but he has a tendency to oversimplify the system that drives the "epidemic" he is so voraciously attacking. Not to mention the fact that I think he's inadvertently shaming the individuals (cafeteria workers, single moms with overweight children, etc) who are really just pawns in the whole game.

    There are a lot of desperate people in the US eager to buy into appealing superhero schemes that promise to rescue the country from our obesity "epidemic"– what i believe to be a vast oversimplificaiton of a much larger societal issue. In my opinion, Jamie Oliver is (maybe inadvertently) exploiting many people's need to find a quick and simple solution to a vast and system problem. What better way to rally the crowds in America than create your own reality TV show?

    I wonder if you've seen this article? I thought it did pretty well in diving beneath the surface of The Food Revolution Oliver is proposing.

  2. mary says:

    Are you saying people have no choice? that someones holding a gun to their head to buy that crap?
    The food industry is enormous and very powerful, but ultimately it depends on consumers voting with their dollars.
    Im a separated single parent so im not at all well off yet i can eat very well and healthily, cooking most meals from scratch in about 15-20 mins max. and im happy knowing that when we do eat meat, that the chicken/pig whatever lived outside and that the cowswe get out milk from eat grass and my daughters young brain isn't full of trans fats.
    Anyway, why is american food so sweet?

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