Jon Stewart takes on Arizona’s new “law” re Illegal Immigration, Racial Profiling.

Via elephant journal
on Apr 27, 2010
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jon stewart arizona racial profiling immigration illegalRacial profiling is now, more or less…okay, more…mandated in Arizona. Brilliant!

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4 Responses to “Jon Stewart takes on Arizona’s new “law” re Illegal Immigration, Racial Profiling.”

  1. Greg says:

    Hope he does a comedy riff on the paperwork we will all have to supply to the IRS proving we have purchased health insurance to meet the mandate. That should be funny.

    And he should do a really fun piece on an Arizona ranch when illegals shoot the owner. I'm sure he must have funny angles on that event. Some funny man-on-the-street interviews with the killers explaining how hilarious it was to gun someone down. Hate to see him miss the opportunity. He's a funny guy.

  2. I particularly liked the “meth lab of democracy” line…actually was gonna do a post around this clip myself…somebody’s gotta show me how to embed videos…

  3. Greg says:

    When one is dealing with criminals it is important to pay attention to what the left hand is doing while you are shaking the right hand.

    Here's some material that is ripe for Jon Stewart humor:

    The new Dodd finance bill calls for banks to track and report to the Feds your private banking information. The new agency that will receive the reports on your deposits, withdrawals, and overdrafts is empowered to use or share that information in any way they see fit. Why has no one younger than fifty read Brave New World?

    The preceding can be found in Dodd Financial Reform bill on pages 1039-1040. It extends government reach to every deposit account of every citizen through the Required Acct Monitoring Subtitle G of the Dodd discussion draft bill.

    This is hilarious stuff. When will Jon Steward start cracking the jokes?

  4. astarspangledgirl says:

    PS..while I am not in support of this AZ bill…I am DEFINITELY against Illegal immigration and AMNESTY! NO AMNESTY. Let me repeat….NO TO AMNESTY.

    I was born in Mexico. Came to this country LEGALLY after waiting in line to get my LEGAL papers. I then stayed here as a LEGAL resident for YEARS till I finally became an American Citizen.

    IF I had to wait…and my whole family had to wait…and many other people have to wait…..EVERYONE should wait.

    That means, NO…having them pay a fine is NOT good enough.

    BACK TO YOUR COUNTRY….and get in back of the line.