Katy Perry loves elephant, do you?

Via elephant journal
on Apr 21, 2010
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17 Responses to “Katy Perry loves elephant, do you?”

  1. hilario says:

    And what better way to show that you're increasing the quality of your articles than by showing a photo of Katy Perry seemingly ready to choke on a massive, phallic elephant trunk? Genius!

  2. What?! I didn't put that photo there…don't know anything about it.

  3. Steve says:

    Lame! I thought you were going towards "quality" journalism. But all I see is an increasing number of suggestively lewd pictures on your site. Please stop degrading women in such a way. Or is that not part of "the mindful life?"

  4. elephantjournal says:

    Steve, sorry you feel this way. We're not degrading Katy Perry, she posed humorously for that photo, no one forced her too (pretty sure), and apparently she's got a more empowered sense of humor about her feminism than you, meanie. I'll relax if you relax! You go first!

    We do a ton of content on feminism, check it out—feminism includes humor—we would love to do more—feel free to write an article, any time, my righteous brother. elephantjournal.com/submit

  5. Ryan, maybe you could take nudie photos of Steve. I'm sure that wouldn't offend anyone!

  6. shakti says:

    so $945 is at bottom of thermometer. how much do you need to raise? is there a number, a goal to hit? just curious if you could get people to shoot for $ xxx, you know just like they do in those telethons. btw, it's a very good picture, not feeling degraded at all. women can do whatever the sh*t they want as long as they're happy.

  7. Patrick says:

    Is this a "circus" elephant? Lame.

  8. Jess says:

    i wish she wasnt supporting an elephant dressed up thats most likely used for entertainment and is carted around and chained.

  9. Patrick, if Steve had criticized us for sharing a photo that depicted a circus elephant, I'd have been the first to say guilty. We do not abide by animal cruelty, and I'm told that's what circus elephants go through. Amen.

    That was not, however, Steve's criticism.

  10. Jess, on that count, I agree 108%.

  11. What a dumb thermometer! Our goal is on the bottom of every page, just scroll down down down, with a better thermometer.

  12. JaBes says:

    Seriously? How many times do I have to see this uninspired crassness and other objectified women posted up here? These women may have posed or presented themselves in their own free choice, feminist way to which I applaud but you certainly chose to post it with your lame ass interpretations and insinuations. Keep your juvenile and fantastical material in your head. Oh, wait…now you're going to re-interpret and pervert that too. Nothing is sacred anymore.

  13. shakti says:

    oh ok i see the thermometer now–maybe picture can be up, way up,up, up so we see where you are at, and on every blog you post? anyway that's just a stupid style opinion.
    hmmm… does the whole 10k really have to be just from public? is there a lower interest loan out there you could use to cover the current loan? i see payday loans as one of your supporters. they have very bad interest rates. not them please. oh well, im sure you've mulled this all. keep going, i hope you reach the goal. i wish you all the best, we need indie media.
    and i agree with lindsay jean up there.

  14. Thanks. We invite dialogue and disagreement, as long as respectful. We're not about agreeing with each othe rall the time, we don't need to be a cozy little choir. So I thank you for taking me to task.

    If you'd like to write an article re your understanding of feminism, humor, etc., we'd be honored to share with the elephant community. Any faults are mine, Waylon Lewis, not elephant's—it's a much wider community than me, we have many contributors and Columnists who are great.

  15. From Aunty C on twitter: I get bored w all the perfect yogi buddhist green spirit crowd… need to laugh too loud sometimes and push some buttons… good 4u

  16. elaine says:

    Say it sistah'!

    I too appreciate that the dudes have got our backs, but I find Katy Perry both empowering and funny.