Nude + Buddha = Nuddha.

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on Apr 28, 2010
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Breaking news: The Buddha had a Penis.

Holy Sex, Batman!, or, why elephant writes all those “Naked Sexy” blogs, and why we don’t think spirituality need be unsexy, holier-than-thou or serious. ~ed.

elephant and I get gently teased, and rightfully so, for occasionally indulging in the art of traffic. What’s that? You know: titles and images that involve the words “sex,” “sexy,” “naked,” “nude.” We’re perhaps best known for our “Naked Yoga” post, or our “Richard Branson Naked” blog…in any case, we always try and bring it back to Dharma, to path, to humor, and to inject a bunch of un-anticipated good content into the mix that might otherwise go ignored.

It’s like Sting said about an album, once: “I sing a hit song so that I can sing all the other 11 songs on the album that I actually care about but get ignored.” Paraphrasing.

Thing is, literally 98% of our posts are “Boring”—you know, about important things that matter. They might have some humor and fun to ’em—I would hope so—but many of the posts I write about, say, the Everglades or Health Care or bicycling get more or less ignored. And so the sexy, silly, and controversial posts bring in the masses, and trickle some attention down to the posts that might be a bit less click-happy.

Rationalization? It would be, if our sexy posts had nothing to do with our mission. Fact is, they do. Feminism vs. objectification, + humor is core to our mission. Sex and love and loneliness are all vital parts to a life well-lived. Passion and clinging, attachment and confusion, are all obstacles that we must “bring to the path.” We hope to address, from time to time, questions like

Does Meditation help Love-making?

Because elephant isn’t (unlike some spiritual blogs/magazines) about being holier-than-thou. We’re about living, and writing, and thinking, and arguing from time to time, right here in the thick of the “slime and muck of the dark ages.”

Perhaps it’s America’s Puritanical hangover, but whenever I post something “sexy,” it gets 1,000 titillated clicks before you can say ifyoudon’twantuswritingaboutsexornuditydon’tclickthispostclicktheother15wewrotetodaythatareimportantbutgettingignored, and 1 or 2 righteous displays of anger. “WTF!”, a reader eloquently inevitably cries in a comment! And I comment, back, hey: I like sex, personally, it’s part of our lives, and therefore part of this blog’s mission. And stop calling me names, it hurts.

I mean, after all, even Mother Theresa probably had a few crushes in her time. And the Buddha had a wife, and a child, and he left them both. He wasn’t perfect. He lusted. And he came back to the present moment, again and again, until he was enlightened, and could serve others, and clarify confusion, and lust. And he died a good friend of his ex-wife, who had become his meditation student and lifelong friend.

Thus endeth the Holy Sex, Batman sermon from on high down low.

cora wen naked buddha


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9 Responses to “Nude + Buddha = Nuddha.”

  1. anonymous says:

    Nice perspective. Well said.

  2. Buddhist Ed says:

    99% sure that’s Mahavira, the Jain saint

  3. Hi Buddha Lovers

    We have started a group for Buddha lovers who believe in Preaching’s and sermon of Buddha and follow the truth suggested by Lord Siddhartha. We have real life instances statue of Lord Siddhartha in form of Statues. Have a look on these statues based on the truth instance of Buddha's Life.

    Tanu's Crafting

  4. During his youth, Siddharta excelled in school and lived the life of an exemplary prince. During Siddharta's adolescent years, his father was criticized for not educating his son in physical skills and military arts. Because of this criticism, a contest was arranged in which Siddharta competed with neighboring princes. Several descriptions of the details of the contest are recorded in various texts and in each, Siddharta emerges victorious. One of the most interesting contests was the archery competition in which Siddharta won by stringing a bow that no other contestant could string and shooting an arrow through seven trees to hit a target behind a tree and ultimately kill a boar on the far side of the target.

    read more….

    A key feature of the narrative is that the Buddha's cousin, Devadatta ("Servant of the Gods")is bested in all of these events and as a result becomes Siddharta's bitter nemesis.

  5. Sri says:

    The photo is of Vardhamana Mahavira at Shravana-belagola, Karnataka, India; it is not Buddha.
    He is the last guru (Thirthankara) of Jain sect. More details are at the below pages, for the interested.

  6. […] Nude Yoga. While we would nevvvver post anything about nudity for the sake of nudity, we couldn’t help but pass along these not-at-all-lascivious, […]

  7. Tigger says:

    Bloody ignorant – he is Bahubali – Jain deity. Just do a google for goodness sake

  8. prateek says:

    this is a statue of lord bahubali at shravanbelgola ,karnataka,india. he is son of lord aadinath,first guru of jains

  9. Even if the elephant journal is ignorant, how does that matter !!!Still there would be enough room for making an idea of Nuddha !!! In fact Jain and Jainism has an additional flavor to add the idea of Nuddha. Its about forming of ideas.I don't think Jain would have any problem with that but I am sure no Buddhist would have problems with this ideas.They will just laugh after reading this. And you know Happiness always matters.