Poland: a National Tragedy.

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on Apr 10, 2010
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poland tragedy

Take a Moment for Poland this Morning

I received this note from a Buddhist community sangha member this morning:

Please, remember in your practice those who died this morning in a plane crash near Smolensk, Russia, including Poland’s top authorities: the President, his wife, ministers, senators, Parliament deputies, military commanders, bishops, NGO and charity leaders. Over 80 people. They went to Russia to pay homage to over twenty thousand Polish teachers, officers and intellectuals shot dead in the back of their heads by Russian communists at Katyn and other locations during World War II. Now they are all dead.

We are stunned here. People are crying in the streets.

With thanks and appreciation,
Robert Sudol


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11 Responses to “Poland: a National Tragedy.”

  1. Wow…this is like one of those terrible hypothetical situations (what would happen if all of the top government officials died at once). How horrible for the people of Poland.

  2. Greg says:

    I read about it this morning with accompanying thoughts from a friend involved in the government of Georgia — whom the Polish leaders had supported during the recent clash with Russia. There is sadness outside Poland as well.

  3. a.h.biswas says:


  4. Mary Donnery says:

    What a horrible day for the Polish people…my thoughts and prayers are with them on this sad day.

  5. Diana:

    "My heart is deeply wrenched by this… Reading about it this morning, and simply sitting with the layers of tragedy in so many peoples. Remembering so many of my own family are actually Polish (many killed by Nazis), knowing you all are doing Bearing Witness work in Rwanda… and you'll be doing that work in Poland later, and have already done so for many years… there's this tremendous feeling of the poignancy and circularity of it all. Deep connection, sadness, heart-opening."

  6. Dave Felix
    I'll take the day for them!

    Beverly H
    this is terrible! I am shocked ! He was a good friend for the US and a very good president of Poland.This is truely a national tragedy. Hard to believe ,and I am sure alot of security questions will be raised about this.

    Lisa Shapiro
    so tragic

    Luis,the father of my children is a CAT4 Polish linguist,intell analyst ,civiliannow in DC. Our children grew up in a household with english, spanish,german and polish.Such a great country. All our thoughts and prayers will be for them tonight at Mass.Had to read it twice, was hard to beleive it was true. Kinda like when we lived in Heidleburg Germany and Princess Diana was in that terrible crash in the tunnel. Sad.

    Jaclyn K

    Mary Yamada
    My deepest sympathies; my heart goes out to that country.

    We should definitely say a prayer for Poland.

    Martha McGill
    Devastating…My thoughts and prayers go out to the Polish people.

  7. Woah, thank you for posting this…Polish is my native tongue, both my parents are from there…it is indeed a beautiful country, it has been through A LOT with WWII followed by Communism, but the people are strong, my heart goes out- life is mysterious, with reasons unknown for certain happenings, prayers for peace and for the best.

  8. Michael says:

    Such a tragedy.

  9. M... says:

    I pray that the Polish people learn from this
    and Poland becomes a healthier, wiser nation
    (more balanced, sustainable, safer, secure, stronger).
    It is very difficult for me to understand how the Polish
    authorities would put all those high ranking officials
    onto one plane going into such a historically hostile
    setting. As a result, I hope the world becomes more aware
    of Katyn and the other evils the Soviets did to the Poles
    during World War II. And through this tragedy a healing resolution
    will emerge and the region will grow in lasting wise Peace
    and Love for one another (Pole, Russian, German and
    the other neighbors found there). I pray this is achievable

  10. Michael says:

    Poland mourns the loss,
    remembering this tragedy
    and that of Katyn

  11. Michael says:

    Poland mourns the loss,
    remembering this tragedy
    and that of Katyn