Peace in the Middle East! {April Fool’s edition}

Via Lasara Allen
on Apr 1, 2010
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800px-Israel_and_Palestine_Peace.svgUpdate: Iran, Israel make nice.

Upon praying to G-d, the Israeli settlers have decided to withdraw from the West Bank, and the Israeli Government has opened the borders of Gaza. In addition, the Israeli move to annex the Tomb of the Patriarchs has been called off out of respect for the shared history between Arabs and Jews, and a decision has been made to commit to working towards a workable respect for all places considered sacred by both religions.

Palestinians are overjoyed at the movement towards a peaceable solution, and the Palestinian people have called off the movement toward a third intifada.

The wall is being torn down with the same bulldozers that built it up, and Israelis and Palestinians are sharing meals to work toward further understanding of both differences and sameness.

There is finally proof that everyone was wrong that there was no hope for the previously war-torn region.


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