Before you buy an Easter Bunny… [warning, near nudity]

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on Apr 5, 2010
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Want an Easter Bunny?

{More PETA Objectification-for-a-Good Cause}

Rescue, don’t Buy

Excerpt via PETA

Anyone considering bringing a rabbit (or two!) into their home should check out the fun and informative rabbit facts at Your local chapter of the House Rabbit Society is also a great place for information. And please don’t go to pet stores. Animal shelters are full of rabbits longing for their forever home. Rabbits are wonderful animal companions who, if treated kindly and with respect and love, will give many years of joy to their human companions.

fur is dead peta rabbit bunny naked sexy

And you may not want to Rescue, at that.

Excerpt via PETA

…Laura Frisk summarized in great detail the problems associated with purchasing bunnies, including the fact that people take them home without understanding the animals’ needs. Animals simply never make good gifts.

But maybe you think that a rabbit is the right companion for you and your home. If that is the case, we have some advice for you as well: Please wait until a rabbit is available for adoption at a local animal shelter. You’ll have your pick from plenty of homeless rabbits, and you will be rescuing an abandoned animal instead of contributing to the cruel pet-trade industry.

Before you bring a rabbit home, consider the following facts on rabbits and make sure that you can fulfill your new companion’s needs.

Eager kids love to spend time with bunnies, but the attention span of children is short. Bunnies don’t react in the same manner that puppies and kittens do. As prey animals, rabbits don’t seek interactions; their instinct is to avoid them when possible. They do, however, like to play, and they will need plenty of toys in your home.

Little children may try to pick up small rabbits by the ears—this can cause serious pain and harm to the animal. You must teach children how to hold a bunny correctly so that the animal won’t jump away and suffer an injury such as a broken leg. (Their bones are quite weak, so breaks are common.) It is important, however, to socialize your rabbit because adult rabbits who are not socialized are a force to be reckoned with.

Unlike house cats, who will readily use a scratching post, rabbits are unable to trim down their own claws, so their claws must be clipped. This may prove challenging to a novice because rabbits must be held tight enough to restrain them, but not so tight that it causes them discomfort. While holding a rabbit in the correct manner, you must isolate the claw, find and avoid the quick, and clip the nail at just the right angle. Rabbits can squirm a lot, so this really presents a double challenge. You may want to consider visiting your local veterinarian for help.

Rabbits have veterinary needs that far surpass those of a dog or cat. They also have special needs when it comes to taking care of their teeth. Bunnies use their teeth for clipping and cutting as well as for chewing. In order to keep their teeth filed down in the wild, bunnies chew on all kinds of hard, tough stuff. But in your home, they will chew on anything from electrical cords to your wooden furniture. Keeping your rabbit’s teeth clipped and healthy while keeping your furniture intact can put you in a quandary (and can try the patience of even the most avid bunny lover).

rescue bunny peta

The below has some info re rescuing bunnies:

A bit graphic for younger viewers:

95% will never be adopted:


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10 Responses to “Before you buy an Easter Bunny… [warning, near nudity]”

  1. mary says:

    S'funny that , In literature, rabbit skin coats are often associated with cheap prostitutes, just an observation.

    Does this mean a lot of teenage boys are going to adopt rabbits?

  2. Thanks for bothering to comment here, Mary, the only one!

  3. Barbara says:

    I'm a vegan and an AR activist but I abhor how PETA objectifies women.

  4. danielle says:

    PETA is a major FAIL in effectivity.

    They should take all their money used in objectifying or shocking and tasteless ads and use it to lobby for reform with the food industry and other venues.

    Yeah, you tell me when you meet a man who became a vegetarian because a naked model was masturbating herself with a cucumber. Yawn, peta. Yawn.

  5. stefanie says:

    thank you so much for that thought danielle~ that is exactly what i was saying on facebook. How are we going to save the animals when we cant even save ourselves?

  6. Barbara says:

    One day Doug you explain to your daughter how the best way for her voice to be heard on an issue is to take off her clothes. Sexism=Racism=Speciesism

  7. […] is sexy. Rabbits are smart. elephant journal is dedicated to "bringing together those working (and […]

  8. If I had money invested in the fur, cosmetics, or meat industries, I’d write a big fat check to PETA every year. No organization does as much as they do to make people who care about animals look bad.

  9. JinpaG says:

    If someone wants a rabbit as a pet, do what poet Lee Young-Li has done: turn a room in your home into a rabbit-habitat. Plant grass, or have a floor that works for them. Let them be free in there to do their bunny-things: scratch, eat, poop, etc … and clean up after them! Personally, I wouldn't keep rabbits unless they could be safely in a good hutch outdoors most of the year, and when it gets too cold for them, give them their own room inside. But, that's just me.

    And, booyah! on the naked models protestations above … I mean, buff is beautiful in general, but this approach by PETA is just desperate and sexist. Why not have a few naked men?? I suppose it's about "keeping our skin" on our bodies, not turning them into coats. I don't know … it does get attention, but we need to work on this!

  10. Diana says:

    Thanks for posting this article, even if people are finding the messenger objectable, or should that be objectified?, the message is an important one, especially at this time of year. I volunteer with a rabbit rescue and believe getting the word out, in whatever way will save the lives of some bunnies somewhere.