Whole Foods takes bold step to end world hunger. {April Fool’s edition}

Via Jim Tolstrup
on Apr 1, 2010
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Austin, Texas – Whole Foods CEO, John Mackey, announced a bold move to end world hunger. “The United Nations, World Watch Institute and others have sat by and watched as the world’s population has doubled in the last 50 years but no one seems to be doing anything about it” Mackey said. “Twenty five thousand children die of starvation every single day and that’s just a waste, pure waste”

 Next month consumers will be able to purchase Gaia-tein at Whole Foods posh natural food stores across the country.  Gaia-tein is a high protein, human-based product, that is being produced in over-populated and under-developed countries. “It tastes like chicken” Mackey said. 

“Millions upon millions of these kids are homeless and have not been immunized against the most basic childhood diseases so they’re essentially free-range and antibiotic free” Mackey said. “Listen, American corporations have caused tremendous devastation in some of these countries through mining and clear-cutting forests. We don’t see the real cost in the goods we buy, the poverty, hunger and environmental damage, it’s made life unlivable in these countries and it’s not sustainable, we’re just kinda evening things up.”

April Fooling aside please help to end the pain of hunger. Visit – The Hunger Site to learn more.  J.T.



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