Down With the American Mustache Institute!

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on May 7, 2010
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Guest post from Shad Murib of New Era News.

I’m not sure there are words. All you no-chinners, feel free to comment. I am fortunate enough to have a chin, so my beard is purely for aesthetics.

This video is a harsh response to the tyrannical American Mustache Institute, for which there is no reason for existence.

And, this is a photo of me back in college, because why not?

Anyways, surely you have better things to be doing on a Friday. Why are you watching this? Go back to work.

You might ask what I’m doing. Shouldn’t I be working? Instead of watching mustache videos?

The answer is yes. This is a photo of me back in college, because why not?


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Andrew Whitehead is a soon-to-be graduate of the University of Colorado Boulder with a degree in Environmental Studies. He grew up in the grand country of Ireland, which is probably where he began to develop his exquisite beer palate. After moving to Wayne, Pennsylvania, Andrew became seriously passionate about the environment and strives to spread his awareness with anyone willing to listen. In his free time he loves to play hockey and soccer as well as go hiking. All that know him well fear his obsession with goats will land him a staring role on the well-known American TV show “Hoarders”.


One Response to “Down With the American Mustache Institute!”

  1. Dr. A. Jonas Froman says:


    On behalf of the Mustached American Community and the American Mustache Institute administrative staff, thank you for posting this. While we have at times disagreed with Mr. McGinis in the past, we respect him for his conviction.

    Two things we would ask you to see:

    1. Since you are a politically-minded mammal, please see our position for a Mustached American tax incentive here:

    2. Mr. McGinis actually posted a follow-up video to this. A part 2. You can see this here:

    Carry on.

    Dr. Abraham Jonas Froman
    Chief Executive Officer
    American Mustache Institute
    [email protected]