The Antarctica Challenge: A Global Warning.

Via Lynn Hasselberger
on May 12, 2010
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The international award-winning documentary, The Antarctica Challenge, is an HD film that explores the past, present and future of scientific exploration on the world’s most mysterious continent with a focus on announcing the latest discoveries on the issue of climate change. From Ernest Shackleton‘s first scientific expedition 100 years ago to today’s scientists, old, new and yet unreleased data raise questions about what is happening on Antarctica and its impact on the rest of the world.

The trailer.


I just viewed the film. Wow. The cinematography was breathtaking. It is more of a science report—don’t worry,the information is fascinating and you’ll want more when the film is over—than a climate change documentary with an agenda. And I was left feeling hopeful that if we—the global citizens—work together, we can overcome this Antarctica challenge. I highly recommend it. Something I will share with my 9-year-old son.

Disclaimer: I am not a professional documentary film reviewer.


Recent winner of the coveted Kodiak Award for Best Documentary Feature Film 2010, The Antarctica Challenge has won 10 international awards (so far). Here are just a few others…

  • Los Angeles Award of Excellence 2010 | Best Documentary Film
  • Canada International Film Festival 2010 | Best Documentary Feature
  • The Yosemite Film Festival Silver Sierra Award 2009 | Environmental Films

You can purchase the DVD on Amazon or catch up with The Antarctica Challenge at one of their screenings. Please join their Facebook page and/or follow them on twitter @AntarcticaFilm.

If you’d like to arrange a screening of the film in your area–or be involved in Mark’s next project, The Polar Explorer–email [email protected]

Filmmaker, Mark Terry


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One Response to “The Antarctica Challenge: A Global Warning.”

  1. Greg says:

    Once Obama puts the Cap and Trade scam into place we will have fewer environmental activists. Not because any problem will have been solved but rather because the country will be plunged into such poverty that no one will have the luxury of being an activist. They will be too active just surviving and fighting off those who are trying to survive. As the Obama cabinet member said so aptly, "We will have our boot on their throats."

    My way of evaluating whether or not an activist has integrity and relies on honest science is to watch to see if they speak up and denounce the false prophets and scam artists that have corrupted the movement. It is as if they must now present a disclaimer in order to give validity to their product.

    If they have a short introduction that denounces the likes of Al Gore and the scientists who fudged their data and used bogus models, then I am all ears. I'm not buying until they step up and say, "We in no way support the carbon tax model and the Chicago Climate Exchange that will earn Gore, Goldman Sachs, Obama, Valerie Jarrett, and their cronies billions of dollars off the backs of ordinary citizens."

    When they can show an ability to discern the difference between those who offer honest products that make a difference for the environment and those who set up "trading schemes" and taxes that benefit the corrupt, I will not believe they have the smarts to evaluate science and the environment.

    I find it ironic that there was such an outcry about the Enron crooks. Those horrible capitalists. And now the same scam is being run by the Pres and his cronies. The only difference is this scam is much worse. Don't forget that this administration has changed its slogan from "hope and change" to "a boot on their throat" and "looking for whose ass to kick."

    Am I upset with activists? It is more sadness than anger. I hate when I see people being conned. I keep telling Waylon there is no better way to push the green movement ahead than to engage in investigative journalism that reveals the duplicity and corruption centered around the Climate Exchange and Shore Bank in Chicago.