May 14, 2010

Why Oskar Blues trashed Glass + said “Yes we Can.” ~ Katie Feldhaus

Believe It or Not, Beer in a Can Tastes Just as Good.

Tastes Great v Less Filling? That’s so 80s. The rivalry in Beerland is glass v. can. Which is better? We elephants say: neither. For the smallest carbon karma, order your beer local—and order it on tap. ~ed.

Longmont, Colorado’s Oskar Blues Brewery was the first U.S. micro-brewery to brew and can its own beer.

The brewery has been serving beer in cans since 2002 for three reasons: beer quality (surprisingly), portability and environmental integrity.

Why is an aluminum can better?

The aluminum can’s inside coating is 100% recyclable and keeps the beer fresh, away from sunlight and oxygen (the two main factors that negatively effect the quality of the beer).

The portability is perfect for those of us with active lifestyles (being able to have a beer in hand when boating or hiking makes life outdoors that much better). A can rather than a bottle is much more portable and accessible (you know, no broken glass in streams, beaches, on trails).

When it comes to our environment, a bottle can’t compete: lightweight aluminum can reduce fuel costs of shipping by 35%, greatly cutting down our carbon footprint. The aluminum can is also the most valuable beverage container that can be recycled and it costs less to make a beer can out of recycled cans than out of new aluminum. Forty percent of beer cans are made from recycled cans, while only about 20 to 30% of glass is recycled into glass bottles.

Many of us micro-brew drinking beer snobs believe that beer in a can just doesn’t taste as good. But Oskar Blues’ many honors and awards prove that this is a myth.


The ultimate asnwer to the beer vs. can question? Neither. For the least environmental impact, order your beer local, and order it on tap.

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